The new PC Gamer Nitro Z of last generation that is worth less than € 500.

A new acquisition that promises to be the solution for many players. The call for all those who want to be able to play without disbursing a large amount of money. We speak, of course, of our PC Gamer Nitro Z.

A product expected by many

The latest generation of AMD is here to stay. As we have talked about in previous posts, Intel has reigned for decades in the processor sector. AMD was always relegated to the background and a face-to-face was inappropriate. The times that AMD has tried to compete as equals, has gone badly stopped, until now.

A few years ago, it revolutionized the gaming industry with its iGPU. They are graphics integrated into the processor and whose graphic memory is taken from the RAM modules. It is true that Intel also had it but AMD made the difference. The integrated graphics from Intel served to give basic graphic and video support. Playing with the Intel iGPU was unthinkable. AMD took out the gaming product at little cost that could move all the current games, and finally won a battle in this long war.

The gamers could see how with little budget you could access a good gaming experience. Of course, the iGPU must also be updated, and the acclaimed Athlon 10 and R7 have given way to the Ryzen and Vega.

PC Gamer Nitro Z: economic and powerful

You have already seen our review on the spectacular Nitro X. In it you can see how a low-cost PC moves the games in an incredible way. Here we leave the video again.

Seen this video, imagine having up to 30% more performance for 25 euros more. If the Nitro X works as well, imagine the PC Gamer Nitro Z (although you will have a video demonstration at the end of this entry).

The revolutionary processing structure of AMD that is worrying Intel, Ryzen, and Vega graphics technology that continues to improve and improve, have joined together to make the number 1 PC Gaming of the current market in quality / price / performance.

Unlike what other brands or companies can do, we do not sell cheap PCs whose components after examining them are already obsolete. The Nitro Z incorporates the latest generation Ryzen 3 2200G processor, which consists of 4 cores with two power types. It has its base operation, with energy savings and resource optimization, and the classic Turbo Boost system , which will put the team to its maximum performance when you need it.

PC Gamer Nitro Z

The processor is accompanied by the spectacular Vega graphic architecture. This makes a PC with an incredibly economical price have excellent performance. AMD has done the homework and has fulfilled the expectations in a splendid way. The customers who have already bought this NitroPC guarantee us, and are now playing the latest games on the market and the most popular ones.

Design and characteristics

Compact, sober and elegant design. You will not have the sensation of finding yourself before a cheap PC, because its aesthetic is of great quality. Upper ventilation grille for better heat removal. It has four front USB ports, 3 with connection 2.0 and one with 3.0 (and compatible with previous versions). It consists of two outputs for headphones and microphone and a safety RESET button.

PC Gamer Nitro Z

Foreshortened view of its top and front.  Back of PC Gamer Nitro Z.

On the back you will have two more USB 2.0 ports on the top and 4 connections 3.0. In this way we add 10 connections in total, which will never make you short on accessories and peripherals. Hybrid connection for classic keyboard or mouse and VGA, DVI and HDMI audio and video inputs. You can connect two simultaneous screens without any problem. 5.1 high definition sound and maximum speed Ethernet connection complete the repertoire.


A great opportunity to start in the world of gaming and low cost. And if you want to play the current games without many demands and enjoy them, too. A PC Gaming with options for improvements and that if you take advantage of it, it will have a great longevity and will be a great companion for your leisure time.


The most versatile PC: PC Gamer Neo

We want to show you all the changes and improvements we have made in our catalog. For this, we have chosen two of the PCs that are selling the most lately. And it is no wonder, as more and more people realize that Gamer Neo PCs are, perhaps, the most balanced computers that exist today.

Why do we say that it is versatile and balanced?

When you acquire a computer, you do it knowing what you want it for and what you will use it for. Depending on this, you choose the one that best suits your needs. If it is not for playing and is for domestic and simple use, you have the range of desktop. Do you have an office and need computers ready for it? What if you are a creator, designer or composer? The new Workstation , are yours. But, what if I tell you that PC Gamer Neo is trained for all those functions? Let’s see why.

pc gamer neo

Main characteristics

The PC Gamer Neo is a powerful computer prepared for the extreme game. It incorporates an Intel Core i7 8700k processor, one of the most powerful on the market. Its twelve threads of simultaneous processing make it also valid for audio and video processing and rendering . As for the Ryzen model, it incorporates a next-generation beast, the R7 2700. It has 16 processing threads at more than 4 GHz frequency. It is the ideal processor for the most demanding streamers, editors and creators . In 3D design and programming you can also work without any kind of problem thanks to its Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 8GB DDR5 graphics card .

As for your Ryzen version, we’ll talk about it in another moment, but from now on we tell you that it is a considerable beast and that you will verify that it has nothing to envy to the Intel model. This PC moves any game on the market in FULL HD, ULTRA graphic quality and can maintain more than 60 FPS with total stability. You can even with 4K in current games ( Battlefield 1, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Overwatch, Doom, Dark Souls 3, Fallout 4, Resident Evil 7, among others).

And to top off all the capabilities of this NitroPC, we can also say that it is prepared and is 100% compatible with high-end virtual reality (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive).

Performance examples

In web page you can see this list with popular and current games and know the performance of these computers. Even so below you will see live how this PC works.

– Call of Duty WWII: Full HD 1080p: Extra graphic quality (Ultra): +120 FPS, 4K 60 FPS.
– Star Wars Battlefront 2: FULL HD 1080p: ULTRA quality: 110 FPS, 2K +70 FPS, 4K +40 FPS.
– Assassin’s Creed Origins: Full HD 1080p: ULTRA quality: +70 FPS.
– Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds: FULLHD 1080p: ULTRA quality +70 FPS, 2K +50 FPS, 4K +30 FPS.
– Battlefield 1: Full HD 1080p, Ultra quality: 120 FPS / 2K (1440p) Ultra: 70 FPS / 4K (2160p) High: 60 FPS.
– Fallout 4: Full HD 1080p: Ultra FXAA quality: 120 FPS.
– Total War Warhammer 2: Full HD 1080p (regulating the size of maps and armies): 75 FPS.
– Destiny 2: FULL HD 1080p: ULTRA quality: +120 FPS, 2K 60 FPS, 4K +40 FPS.
– Wolfenstein II: Full HD 1080p: Ultra quality: +100 FPS.
– Overwatch: Full HD 1080p: Epic 16X quality: 160 FPS.
– The Division: Full HD 1080p: Ultra quality: +70 FPS.
– The Witcher 3: Full HD 1080p: Ultra quality: 65 FPS.
– Doom: Full HD 1080p: Ultra quality: 120 FPS.

Configure and optimize your games

As always, the games that have been tested by us. They have been played in the mentioned qualities providing at least the marked results. You may experience results greater than those seen here. In some titles, harmful filters have been eliminated that disproportionately lower them. Among them, are Vsync and Motion Blur. Remember that it is important to properly balance the resolution bars to have the best quality and performance at the same time.

These are just some examples with the games that are currently most demanded. Other open world games such as MAFIA III or GTA V will also be able to move them to the maximum and with at least 60 stable FPS. No doubt buying the PC Gamer Neo guarantees you to enjoy the most current games for a good time.

Connections and ports

It has more than 50 connections and ports between its front, rear and internal. Of these nine are USB ports, with which you will never be short of connections. But if you are traditional you also have PS connections for the keyboard and the mouse. To connect to monitors or televisions you will have both an HDMI and DVI input and Display port, so you can enjoy it on any type of screen or even install three simultaneous monitors. In short, a computer that we always recommend for being a TOP in quality, price, balance and many other aspects.

PC Gamer Neo

Get to know it thoroughly

These PCs can only be found in our catalog, by entering our website. There you will not only see all your specific technical data, but you will also be able to see its multiple configuration options. We highlight our new RING lighting system, which you can see here. You can also put a dynamic LED device, which you can configure to your liking with a control adapted to it.
Here below you can see their system FULL LEDs in video, demonstrating once again that what we say, we fulfill.
If you need assistance for any questions you can use our live chat or call us at 976 978 626 and we will attend you personally.

Extremo fondo


How to be rich, strong and powerful in Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

Here we bring you a new review of a game. In this case of a title expected by many. We already made other reviews of games in this blog. We have so you can see both Destiny 2 and Call of Duty WWII. Ubisoft, who finally decided to listen to fans of the saga, took a year and a half more time to create this new adventure. Was it worth the wait? We are going to see that and besides, we are going to give you very useful tips so that you can go up to the next level, you can get a fortune in the game and perhaps the most important thing: what skills you should choose. That is, how to be rich, strong and powerful in Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

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Assassin’s Creed: Origins

As we know that you want to know the tips, the review will be quick and summary. For us it has been worth the wait. When a large company listens to its buyers and does something like that, it is very appreciated. Although nothing is perfect and has some defect, we will say here.

cómo ser rico, fuerte y poderoso en Assassin

Disadvantages / Defects

  • The story mode is a little loose. The revenge factor and the whole story that unfolds around it is understandable, but it becomes repetitive. We must give thanks to everything else that we are given to do, because otherwise the game would lose a lot. Its main story pales in comparison to previous deliveries (especially the first ones), although it is not by far the worst.
  • It will not bring expansions. At least that’s what they said and it’s still waiting for them to decide to change it. We love that a game is long and closed, and we are not friends of the DLCs in the first instance, but it is true that this game and its map have a lot of potential, and the DLCs could be created to improve the story and make it more complex and rich.
  • If you’re not a flawed, some side missions can bore you. It is that there are many … Many. In our case the longer a game is more we like, but there are people who only read that completing the game takes about 200 hours will take away the desire.
  • Some have been bothered (and quite rightly so) by the micropayment system. And maybe they have gone a little out of hand. With real money they buy resources or materials, treasure maps and even skills. While it is true that it is not essential to play, can (and in fact in some players happens) leave a bad feeling.

Essential advice

First of all, you want to enjoy the game in its entirety. If you are one of those players who are always thrown headlong into the main missions and who want to pass the game against the clock, forget about these tips because they will not serve you. It’s like Skyrim passed in 20 hours and left it, we consider it a waste of the game. It’s a game that, to the point, is 30-35 hours long. But doing all the secondary missions, we talk about a game that expands up to several hundred hours. Make the most of it, since you’ve paid for it.

Going up a quick level in this Assassin’s Creed Origins is not only possible but it is not complicated. Doing things right from the beginning, you will see that you are rolling and calm throughout the game. From almost the beginning you will go above what is required, giving you more security. Therefore, pay attention to us in what we will tell you from here on. Not only to level up, but to earn a lot of money and the skills of Bayek that you must raise.

How to upload level fast

The new game system is mixed with RPGs touches that we have loved. This consists of leveling up and improving your character according to the activities and missions you are completing. Moreover, in some situations you will have a requirement of a certain level to play them. To this is added that the more level we have, we can equip ourselves with better weapons than we normally would not have access to.

It is true that almost all actions in this installment serve to raise experience. From killing enemies or finding locations, we can raise the level as well. But if you want to go up fast, focus on the side quests. It is the total key to it. Pause the game, look for the missions tab and look at the ones you have nearby. There are people who are dedicated to look and judge if they are interested or want to do a certain mission. Do not do it, they all add up and that’s how you get it. Like a good RPG of a lifetime, if you want to be great, patience and hours. The reward is then very much worth it.

When you have missions and they have secondary objectives, do them too, because the experience multiplies. The case is that you forget in the first hours of game of the main plot, and do not follow it until you have completed the secondary ones. When after doing a couple of history missions are unlocked more secondary, for them. In other games such as Borderlands, Dead Island and others, this system was the key to enjoy 100% of all the possibilities offered by these ‘ Sandbox’.

What if you run out of nearby missions? Do not worry. Approach the nearest informant table and there you will have secondary missions to bore. You will have missions throughout the entire map. Some of them give a lot of experience, so when you go back to the main ones, you will go very well in level.

Cómo ser rico, fuerte y poderoso en Assassin

What skills will unlock?

Once you are already rich and strong, you lack the part of being powerful. For this, the character’s skill tree will help you. This tree consists of three paths with basic and superior skills. In RPGs, usually if you specialize in a path and become an expert in a branch, you will reach the final skills that are usually spectacular. This is a somewhat different case. The basic skills of the three strands are more important than the superior ones.


When the innovation is to return to your origins: Call of Duty: WWII.

We already have our impressions for the beta of Destiny 2 , and now we do it with an already legendary franchise. We are talking about the Call of Duty: WWII, the shooter that everyone will soon be able to enjoy.

The great franchise

We can almost say that it is “LA” franchise. At least as far as the shooter genre is concerned. Discounting Nintendo’s classic and timeless titles like Mario or The Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty is really long-lived.

It is inevitable to feel old when you think of the year 2003, playing the first title of this franchise, and crawling through the mud covering you with the corpses of the cows that fell collapsed before the machine guns posted by the Germans. Or that moment in the red square in Moscow, where you held only one ammo cartridge and the AI ​​was the one with the weapon and you had to bait for the snipers and dodge all the bullets that were raining down on you. It will sound typical but: “that were good times”. The times of the epic campaigns. Times of mime and affection and interest to make a great game as well as a big box, and not only the second.

Fourteen deliveries we’ve seen already. This new title is going to be the fifth set in the second world war.

Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII, the return to its origins

It is inevitable that it sounds bad, but it is the truth. Sometimes there is no better innovation than returning to your origins. Or if you do not return to yours, at least emulate those who once were great. You have to remember, although some seem to annoy you, that Call of Duty was inspired, born and developed drinking from the lessons seen and learned from Medal of Honor. Curiosities of the life that soon was relegated to the oblivion by the success of its “apprentice”.

So, we have found a beta that seems to want to pull the past. We do not know if by nostalgia, lack of ideas or to compete with Battlefield 1. The fact is that they have left behind, at least for now, the futuristic games to return to the clasicazo.

Call of Duty: WWII

Impressions of the beta

We liked it halfway. Better summary than three words could not exist. But since I have spread like the grandfather battles that the military did in Ceuta with the prologue, let’s go deeper into what we have seen.

Scenarios / Maps

It is noted that some of the original members continue in the franchise, because the scenarios have transported us back to the original titles. Yes and as a personal note, I found everything too “colorful”. Whether for the worst resolutions of yesteryear or whatever, the atmosphere was much better. More gray, more decadent and much sadder. In fact, this is what war looks like in real life. This game looks too colorful and still walking among ruins, does not convey what it should be. A rather superficial feeling.

If you still have not played the first installments, do it, and you’ll know what I mean.

Call of Duty beta: WWII on PC


Perhaps the best of recent years in this regard. Previous deliveries have been extremely clumsy in this section. It seems that not only have they returned to their origins because of their history, but also the way they play. It’s simpler but much more practical, as it should always be. The handling is intuitive and pleasant and everything is fluid.

The worst is undoubtedly his respawn . It is true that they have finally achieved what most lovers of this sector and genre wanted: to die and reappear instantly. Nothing to wait for countdown, the end of the game or the game decides to get you. Why do we say it is bad? Because the games we played became nonsense. We did not see any sense of strategy, no moderation when playing, the least care. If there is no real penalty for dying, it becomes a joke. We were two brainless groups throwing us head   to conflict zones again and again. In the end it becomes repetitive, because you kill and die so fast that, at least to a server, it bores just as quickly as it does with ‘respawneas’.

If we add evidence marked by many media abusive cheats that embitter the experience in many games, you end up feeling somewhat disappointed and with the feeling of “with what could be, and is not.”

Variety of elements

In this he approves with quite a note. We have several factions, numerous weapons and various clothing items. To be a beta it must be said that it is very complete in that aspect. We are already looking forward to seeing the full game to see how many total items we are going to find, not counting DLC ​​insurance.

As in the first titles of the franchise you could play with the Americans, the British and the Soviets, we want to be able to do it in the same way, so that the quantity of weapons multiplies as well as the scenarios that will be based on real locations and historical situations .

Call of Duty: WWII


Seeing how they came out the last Call of Duty for PC and even more their betas, we must applaud the work they have done. The optimization is the best in years, and that is a beta. The enormous amount of graphic configuration that it has will make the minimum requirements very low. We hope that in later patches and updates do not load the good performance achieved, because it would be a real shame.


A very good beta despite its drawbacks. At least in this title we do see dedication and desire to do well. Yes, we miss seeing a campaign mode even if it’s initial. With Destiny 2 we had history and some multiplayer, which we could not have here. One thing you can have sure, and that is that we will throw more games and record more gameplays like the one we leave you next.

Recommended keyboards. Which one is better for you? Here all the keys.

In this case we will explain what types and subtypes of keyboards exist. We will also tell you which one is best for each case and which ones will cover your needs. All the information you have always searched for about this, you have it right here. Keep reading and find out everything.

Keyboards for all tastes

It may sound funny, but the keyboards have gained a lot in complexity. Formerly it did not matter what you used it for, the keyboard was always the same. From a time to this part, and above all because of electronic sports and the existence of videogame professionals, a new need has been generated. Not only was the development of mechanical keyboards, but they were divided into subtypes.

Then we will see them all, starting with the classics and ending with the latest technologies.

Membrane keyboards

Also called “those of a lifetime”. They are the most economical and in some cases they give very, very good results. The main difference with the keyboards that we will see next resides in the form of the pulsation of the key. In this way we find several types: thick key to “typewriter” mode, medium height key, and ultra-fine key.

For everyday and generic use, membrane keyboards are the perfect choice. Even for gaming, in games where you do not need extreme precision or that are not competitive, they will also serve you without problems. Its strong point lies in its longevity. These keyboards last longer because they have a longer life in pulsations.

Hybrid keyboards

Hybrid keyboards are those that mix the technology of the other two types of keyboard. They fuse the best of the membrane and the best of the mechanical keyboards to perform very well. There are not many hybrid keyboards on the market because they are not very popular. The advantage they have over mechanics is that they are cheaper, and the disadvantage is that the pulsation is not what those who like mechanical keyboards look for.

If you go from a membrane to a hybrid, you will notice improvement. As for a person with a mechanical keyboard, having a hybrid is a step back.

Teclado Híbrido

In any case they are good, robust keyboards with a useful life that normally exceeds the mechanics. This is because they have the longevity of pulsations that can only reach the membrane. It is perfect if you can not afford what a professional mechanical keyboard costs, but it does have a keyboard for gaming.

Mechanical keyboards

Let’s summarize it quickly and easily. The mechanical keyboards are those that use springs and individual switches. That is, the keys are completely separated individually. This system makes the keys much more sensitive when issuing the pulse signal or, on the contrary, more restrictive to avoid pulsations by mistake.

Recommended keyboards

For example, imagine playing an MMORPG (World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, etc.). If you have the magic and commands on the numeric keypad, you will not want to activate skill number 3 by mistake just by having a little finger over it. This can happen if the keyboard has a very sensitive response or you are not used to it. On the other hand, if you are a typist or your work is to write or write a lot and you need maximum speed, an extra quick and simple click will be great.

That’s why, as we mentioned at the beginning, the keyboards are now very complex. We will try not to extend much in this entry as we did with the monitors. So, let’s see the different types of switches and for what games or jobs are used.

What is a ‘Switch?

First of all, clarify that the switch is not just “the key”. Switch comes from English and its translation is a switch. In practice, a switch is a capsule that contains a trigger and a metal spring inside. This gives a precision like never before when typing. With this new technology, the pulsations can be totally different depending on the switch that is.

It is important to know that in a mechanical key there are several data to be taken into account. These are.

  • The type of mechanism. It can be linear, tactile or ‘clicky’, among others.
  • Sonority. The noise we make when pressing each key. Depends on our tastes, we can choose one or the other, since there are from silent to very noisy.
  • Force of action. Depending on the keyboard and the manufacturer, it can range from 45G to 90G. The unit of measure G is, in summary, the force of impact necessary (with the finger) to perform the pulsation. More simply, how “hard” the key is.
  • Action point. Once the key is pressed, the depth traveled until the keyboard sends the signal of the pulsation. It is usually 2 or 3 mm.
  • Travel distance. It is the total depth realized in the pulsation. It is usually 4 or 5 mm.

Types of ‘Switch’

The companies have invested a lot in R & D to perfect the triggers and springs. Next we will see the types that exist and in what uses are more indicated. We will see the main or best known (not the best), and we will leave aside the black and green switches, as well as other variants.

Red switch:

It is the type of keyboard most used by gamers. This is also due, in part, to the fact that they are the best known and the ones that are most commercialized. This is because they are the most versatile mechanical keyboards. They serve for all types of games, without exception. For competitive online shooter professionals, such as Call of Duty, CSGO, Overwatch or Battlefield, you will find that the best black switches are. But these are not the best to start and in fact, are not recommended.

Recommended keyboards

Of the mechanical keyboards, it is perhaps the perfect one to get started, since other switches, like black, are harder.

Blue switch:

While the previous two have a linear mechanism system, this is of the ‘clicky’ type . They are called that for two main reasons. The first is because they are the noisiest switch of all, and that sound comes from its characteristic name. Also, because its pulsation is similar to that of membrane keyboards. The action point is lower than the release point, that is, they are the least “hard”.

What does this mean? Which are a hyper-enhanced version of the classic membrane keyboards. They are equally comfortable and do not tire the fingers after several hours of use. In addition, they are the fastest keyboards that exist. This makes them the ideal keyboards for all MOBA and MMORPG. League of Legends, DOTA 2, Heroes of the Storm, Black Desert, Devil, World of Warcraft … None will resist you with a blue switch mechanical keyboard.

Brown switch:

The favorites of typists. Perfect for writing and very, very silent. It also serves for all kinds of games, although this is a balanced keyboard in all areas. It is not really specialized in anything, and that makes it good for general use. Just as a black switch is uncomfortable to write, with the brown swith you will not have that problem.

Switch Marron

Another advantage is that they have a “warn” when typing that lets you know when the contact has been released. This means that for large writing sessions (jobs, chats, essays, etc.), maximize and improve your writing performance.

Special keyboards

These keyboards are not of any previous type. Some are very used and others, enormously unknown. We have tactile keyboards (yes, like those that are deployed when you use WhatsApp). They are very expensive, resistant to liquids and very, very futuristic.

Recommended keyboards

We also find ultra-thin rubber and / or silicone keyboards. These keyboards are also resistant to liquids, but they go further. They are roll-up, very easily transportable and almost invulnerable to falls or impacts. Of course, they are also very expensive.


Stay with the one you like the most, or the one that best suits your needs and budget. In the end the taste of each one is different. Be that as it may, we currently have a wide range of possibilities. The catalog is wide and unlike a few years ago, now we will find exactly what we were looking for.

The most powerful PC Gamer on the market: PC Gamer Elite.

Today we bring you something that will blow your mind. The best gaming PC in the market. We do not say it to say, it is reality. It is the largest range top you can imagine. They include processors that we have had exclusively before anyone else in Spain. We are talking about the most powerful PC Gamer on the market: PC Gamer Elite.

PC Gamer Elite

THE PC that you will not find anywhere else

As you are reading it. You can search throughout Spain, you will not find this PC or anything similar. Its box is exclusive and unique in our country, and there are hardly any similar models in Europe. NitroPC has been done with it. We also have the new processors from Intel and AMD, before anyone else and it’s getting noticed. There are already many customers who do not want to wait any longer and they are buying us the latest from Intel and Ryzen.

You will not find a design like this. The box is big, robust, solid and will make you the envy of whoever sees that you have something like that. A different design from the usual, futuristic, transgressive and that surpasses sports.

principal elite


Forget about the requirements

No more looking at the recommended requirements in the games. If you buy this equipment, we guarantee you can play everything for more than 10 years without problems. The first years you can play whatever you want, as you want and in the resolution you want. With this NitroPC you will know that everything a game can give of itself will give it. Even the worst-optimized games that many people can not enjoy because they do not meet their demands, this one can.

Elite i9 frontal

Interior and lighting

Such a beast can not only stand out from the outside, but also from the inside. As soon as you lower the lighting in your room, you will find a spectacular view. Neither very overloaded, nor scarce in LEDs. He does not sin of modest but neither of ostentatious. It has an aesthetic and visual balance as you have rarely seen on a PC Gaming. In addition, your motherboard, which we will talk about below, has its own customizable LED zones and the RGB Fusion structure with Light Show design.

We highlight the preciousness of illuminated RAM. It is a touch that we contribute and that is perfectly integrated into the design.

Its unparalleled hardware

There is not much to add and that has not already been said. Simply, it has the best of the best. The Intel processor for the most powerful gaming ever created. We are talking about the new Intel i9 7900X , with 20 virtual threads that work like physical cores. This is thanks to its HyperThreading technology in addition to having one of the highest existing frequencies (4.3Ghz in 2.0 and 4.5Ghz in 3.0).

The graphic power is the maximum possible. This NitroPC has in its interior an SLI bridge of two graphics cards GTX 1080Ti , which gives you a graphical capacity of 22GB of RAM. It will be more than 10 years before a game needs so much to function to the maximum. Its 64GB of RAM will make you forget space in memory. There are companies whose servers are maintained with this amount and even less memory. A NitroPC that can serve you both to play everything and to have your own online business. A team that will serve as Workstation.

Elite i9 laleral

The largest core for the largest NitroPC

The best pro gaming motherboard quality / market price. All the latest technology has it. We are talking about the X299 AORUS Gaming 7. Here we leave a link to its manufacturer with all the specifications:

As a sound card, it already has a Sound Blaster, and it has RGB Fusion technology . The highlight of this board would be all the complete and special support for the Intel processors. This includes a thermal protection system that helps prevent overheating. It also has the latest advances in protection against voltage spikes or sudden blackouts that could damage the board.

PC Gamer Elite

Perhaps its strong point for lovers of extreme and professional gaming, be the Killer 2 × 2 and the Killer Doubleshot, which grants lag reduction, optimizes the networking capabilities and the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth receivers. If you are going to play an online competition, you guarantee the best connection to the Internet, with or without Ethernet cable.

Connections, ports and extra capabilities

As in all of the above, it has the most cutting-edge technology. It has 12 USB ports that can multiply to become 30. Yes, as you are reading it, you can have more connections than you can ever fill. Speakers, four gaming controls for PC, mouse, keyboard, headphones, normal external hard drives and multimedia … Everything you can think of, and you can still get more.

How is this possible? It is when you have USB 3.1 Gen1 and Gen2 Type-A and Type-C connections. The “Gen1 connector” technology supports, in addition, extensions of up to 4 USB ports of the same characteristics. Do you know the multiport adapters? Well, unlike the old ones where the speed could be divided, you can have all the connections while maintaining a high transfer speed. If we connect an extension of 4 ports in each USB prepared for it, we would have 30 USB ports.

Elite i9 superior

It has Smart Fan 5, which consists of multiple temperature sensors and hybrid ventilation heads with FAN STOP system. You will always have the best ventilation and temperature in your NitroPC with this intelligent control system. Design resistant to sulfur, oxidation and highly resistant to moisture. In short, the greatest beast you can find.

Conclusions and video gameplay

Everything that is said about a NitroPC like this falls short. Although we can not expand too much because anything you imagine, this computer can do it. We do not need to explain how the games work or look at requirements. Nor say what things are possible or not, because everything is. If you can afford the PC Gamer Elite, do not even think about it. You will have the best PC Gaming that exists and you will continue to have one of the best during the next decade. An investment in which it is practically impossible that you stay outdated in any field.

We leave you with a gameplay of the new Star Wars Battlefront 2, in 4K resolution and 60 FPS. It must be mentioned that it is made with a single GTX 1080Ti graphics card. As soon as we can make a video with the SLI bridge, we’ll show it for sure. Watch the video and imagine how it would go with two graphics.