As you know, many of the products we analyzed belong to Mars Gaming, which is the business sister of Thunder X3. But we remember that our first review was of a mouse and on top of the Thunder X3 brand. Again, thank you for giving us this material to know it. So, let’s examine one of the most exclusive mice of its brand: the Thunder X3 TM50.


Unboxing and first impressions

Surely throughout this entry you will hear several times the elegant adjective. And although we do not like to repeat ourselves, it is, perhaps, the name that best suits this peripheral. Elegant the box, elegant its design and also the interior of which we will speak a little later. It shows sober tones and pleasant colors.


The first thing you find is a black box whose cover shows a photo of the mouse lit and lit. For its part of the back, the general characteristics in more than 10 languages, and its laterals show us another mouse drawing from an overhead view, while in the other specify some details such as its manufacturing materials or its ergonomics.


But that is only the beginning, because if we remove the front part fastened with two circular parts of Velcro, we see that it was not just a cover, but a cover. After this, we observe the classic “window” of plastic that allows to see the peripheral. In addition, it brings with it an exchangeable silicone piece from one side of the mouse.

Finally, we see in a much more detailed way the multiple characteristics of the mouse, in a drawing with lines that indicate and describe the peripheral parts in a very concrete and clear way

We can emphasize that it has a pretty good protection. Unlike other peripherals, this can be a bit more cumbersome when it comes to removing everything. Although we also recognize that we are a bit clumsy in unboxing. Once you have separated the plastic from its orange support mold, we can extract everything. The cable is located behind by a hole, so it is a matter of skill rather than strength. In this way we will have our TM 50 ready to test. It also has an interchangeable extra side that we will talk about later. A few small vinyls accompany the mouse and conclude the existing content in the box.

Once we have seen the box, let’s go to the properties of the TM50.

Characteristics of the Thunder X3 TM50

With dimensions of 125 x 78 x 38mm and a weight of 175g, this is a mouse of medium size and with a weight a little above average. This is due to its aluminum metal base, made for better sliding. The greater weight also gives more stability and precision during its handling.

We find a cable of a very high quality as is customary in biomag brands. They follow the trail of their sister Mars Gaming in terms of materials but offering more specific benefits. In this case we return to the twisted nylon double cable. Also to the gold-plated USB connector that gives a better connection and quality. Add that we love the grip and size of the end of the cable, which provides more longevity to it.

It has a detection of high speed movement at 60ips and an acceleration of up to 20g. This is possible thanks to its AVAGO-3310 optical sensor. Its mechanical Omron switch is of excellent quality, ensuring a durability of more than 10 million clicks.

With a refresh rate of 1000Hz, added to all the above, it makes it an optimal choice for professionals in the FPS, MMORPG, MOBA or RTS. In addition an important fact is also its built-in memory of 512 KB, perfect to store in the mouse our custom profiles and create our macros. It also has a 32-bit processor and a 6400 Frame Rate.

His design

You have already seen in the photographs that the elegant adjective defines it very well. It is a bold design without being transgressive, modern without being sporty, and elegant without being boring. A sober style and with a certain differentiation of conventional mice. The metallic counterweight of the base that increases its stability and precision has been able to incorporate it in an appropriate way to its design.

Thunder X3 TM50

We continue to return to its interchangeable silicone side that we mentioned earlier. Having a surface with rough texture, improves grip and prevents sweating after a long playing time. In general, its ABS material helps the comfort of the user.

Thunder X3 TM50

As you can see it adapts perfectly to the hand. It is not a mouse for big hands nor a narrow or small one. Unless you have a palmar size much higher than the average, this mouse molds very well. It does not have a 100% ambidextrous design in our opinion, but unlike other peripherals that remain useless for left-handed users, this can be used correctly (although, as we say, it is not optimal for left-handers).

Thunder X3 TM50


As we said above, we miss the classic cd or minidisc that accompany many of these peripherals. Although that does not mean that it can not be configured. You can find a very good software on the website of its manufacturer.

It has a specific software of the brand with its own design. It allows great flexibility when changing your preferences when you need it. You can reassign the actions of the buttons with their 6 programmable keys. You can also change the speed of the wheel and the pointer by regulating the DPI. We can set the DPI in 1500, 3000, 6000 and 10000 consecutively. Important for many the ability to set the values ​​of the macro and save many profiles.

Thunder X3 TM50

What perhaps differentiates this mouse from the majority and its software is its color configuration. Not only will we have the classic breathing and constant modes, but a whole palette to choose from. According to the brand, we have 16.8 million color shades to choose from. We can configure the brightness intensity and the speed of appearance of the colors.


You already know the veterans who visit our blog that we love making videos because we believe it is the best way to show things. Just connect the mouse, it lights up showing six colors by default. As mentioned in the software section, you can choose from over 16 million different shades of its entire color range. We will automatically have a multiple color mode in series that will change every few seconds.


Without a doubt, this is a great gaming peripheral, excellent in price quality and with a robust but precious design.

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