We are going to taste the Krom Kratos TKL or better known as the Kratos TKL gaming keyboard from Krom, the gaming sub-brand of the Nox company.

Before we start, we are going to say that, on this occasion, Nox has not given us this material for analysis, unlike Tacens and its sub-stations Mars Gaming and Thunderx3. We hope that in the near future we can count on your collaboration.

‘Unboxing’ and first impressions

We are in the first instance with a very robust box. As we usually see in almost all cases of this type of products, on the back they provide us with all their generic characteristics, as well as their physical properties (measurements, weight, etc.).

The design of the box has, as usual in the brand, the orange color as the protagonist, something that we will see again when the keyboard is illuminated.

Once opened, we see that the keyboard is quite well protected. The interior, colorful and striking, we think a hit of originality. Bring a user manual which we appreciate since we love these “old school” details. As traditional as we are for these things (or outdated, perhaps), we love when in peripherals and accessories comes a CD or minidisc with its custom drivers. We miss that but we understand that nowadays they are not necessary being able to download the software from the website of the manufacturer.


Once the plastic is removed, we access the keyboard and we can move on to the next phase.

Characteristics and properties

The first thing that will draw attention to those who are not very accustomed to this type of keyboards, is the absence of the numeric pad. It maintains the aesthetics of its previous version, but it is reduced in size with its “TenKeyLess” (TKL) format, which will be more comfortable for gamers and will save space on your desktop. Its measures are 392x160x37 mm and a weight of 998 grams, almost a kilo.
Of course, a negative aspect in our opinion is the absence of wrist rest, essential if you are a regular gamer. Having to buy it separately does not seem very appropriate.

At its base, we find four rubber strips to achieve a great grip on the table and optimize their support. It also has two small hikes to raise the back and improve its ergonomics.

Once again, as we began to see with great pleasure among the gaming keyboards of recent years, has a high quality braided cable that will provide much more durability and longevity to the peripheral. But if the good quality of your cable material is not enough, it has a connector for the Kensington lock, a peculiar anti-theft system that, while being alone in your home may not be very useful, it is really practical in offices, counters and professional players who travel with their teams.

At the end of your meter and a half of cable, we find a USB. This is normal for current keyboards, but it draws attention in this one because its previous version used the jack connector.


Technical characteristics

  • Mechanical keyboard with switches that look good quality.
  • 5 profiles, 6 macro keys and 8 multimedia.
  • The essential lock of the Windows key.
  • Internal memory of 128 Kb.
  • Configurable anti-ghosting keys. We emphasize in this aspect its great reliability after hours of playing with the keyboard.
  • Kailh Red / Brown / Blue mechanical switches.


It has the backlit orange keys. Although many people love other colors, and even that there is a range of them to choose from or that they appear intermittently, we understand that it only has this color since it is what the brand uses to distinguish itself. It is, so to speak, its hallmark. By downloading your software you can configure the Illumination and it will allow you to activate any of the 3 modes that you have, or configure the customization of the keys.

  • Breathing mode: The illumination of the keyboard changes every time and in the case of this peripheral it does it in various ways (snake mode, fan, blind, etc.).
  • Display mode: The entire keyboard is illuminated equally.
  • Custom style: You can choose which keys you want to illuminate.

Other data of interest

In this section we can highlight the possibility of configuration without the software, very much appreciated. They also promise a useful life of 50,000,000 pulsations, which translates to 13,700 pulsations per day for 10 years. This is true for a professional player, but for an occasional player it can be up to twice as long.



We have an extremely balanced peripheral. An evolution of the Kratos keyboard, which improves on things like having the USB connector or a lower price for the sacrifice of the numeric pad, which is not necessary for gaming. A complete keyboard and a great choice where quality / price prevails. 

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