If you dreamed of having payment facilities and a reliable means to do so, the solution came into your life. The Anastasia Lip credit card brings you benefits that you should start to know from now on.

LIP Free Market Credit Card

LIP Free Market Credit Card

Anastasia has become one of the most popular electronic buying and selling platforms in the country. In 2018 alone it reached 2 billion transactions and you have surely used it once. Because of this, the company has decided to implement its own payment facilities to offer them to the public. Here comes the Anastasia credit card that you have to know as soon as possible.

For the Anastasia credit card to reach your hands, you only need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be of legal age and be less than 69 years and 11 months
  • $ 5,000 minimum income
  • Proof of address
  • Official ID updated

Knowing the Anastasia Lip credit card

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If you frequently use Anastasia and you find this new credit card useful , don’t waste any more time! Here are some advantages for you to convince yourself.

  •                 If you spend a minimum of $ 500 every month you will not have to pay the plastic annuity.
  •               For each purchase you make you will receive a 1% refund, which you can spend in establishments affiliated with Anastasia. This means that you can save for future purchases, and even pay your telephone rent and certain services with the Mercado Pago app
  • You have 12 MSI in all your purchases in Anastasia and in all stores that accept Mercado Pago
  •          When you spend up to $ 2,000 within the first months, you will get a bonus of $ 350. This amount will be deposited in your associated Mercado Pago account.
  •          You can buy products on the platform and pay them on credit for up to 12 months, within the national territory.
  •          In case it is outside the country, you can pay for 6 months while your product costs more than $ 600.
  •          You can receive a bonus of $ 150 a year, as long as you have billed $ 35,000.

Disadvantages of the Anastasia Lip credit card

Since everything has an opaque side, the Anastasia credit card was no exception. However, thanks to these data you can evaluate more accurately whether it is convenient to acquire it or not.

  •         You must pay $ 80 + VAT for each month you do not spend $ 500.
  •         It is a line of credit that will only benefit you as long as it is linked to Anastasia.
  •         The interest rate is 57.2%.
  • Non-use commission $ 115.00 dollars without VAT

So is it convenient or not?

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If you really like the Anastasia platform and you are a regular buyer or seller, having a tool like this is the best thing that can happen to you.

If you want to use it, it is recommended that you pay everything you spend with the card before the end of the month ( Be a totalero ), or choose only promotions to MSI. Well, the interests are quite high. Take advantage of promotions or lower your interests with the Continuous Rate option.

The Continuous Rate is an LIP membership that will allow you to lower the ordinary interest rate for 1 year covering an amount of 650 dollars.