Gamer girls in and out of video games.

Moving away from the typical controversies, we are simply going to analyze the positive increase of women in the industry. We are going to do a “small” but not simple tour on this, and see all the benefits that this produces. We repeat that this will be as objective an analysis as possible, and we do not want to enter into thorny issues that sometimes surround these issues. Let’s move on to analyze the history of the gamer girls and the most relevant female roles in video games.

Samus, Nana and other leading players

Women have always been in the world of video games. It is impossible not to see the value and potential of the female characters in the stories. Nintendo was already a pioneer in this, introducing several women protagonists in the games of its second console, NES. The first of all, Famicon, had as important characters Peach and Zelda, but they were mere princesses to rescue, just as they were the classic Disney films.

But with the arrival of NES, that changed. In Super Mario Bros 2 we could put ourselves in the skin of Peach, which had the ability to float a little in the air, which was most useful in many moments of the game. But the great and first protagonist in the history of video games will always be Samus. Each Metroid Prime that is launched is a great game, and its protagonist a real wonder. And much less known but also important is Nana. Do not you remember it? The one that along with Popo, his brother, tried not to be eaten by the screen in Ice Climbers.

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The protagonists that revolutionized the industry

As we have already said, Samus Aran will always hold the throne in that respect. But it is true that he almost always wears his armor and not everyone knows his identity. That’s why we’re going to focus on other female characters that surprised strangers and strangers alike. We are going to make the essential mention of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider saga. As in many other articles talk about it, we will try to focus on less mentioned protagonists.

Who has not suffered from real terror with the Resident Evil ? If you like the saga, you will know Claire Redfield for sure .

Just two years after Lara Croft surprised the world, Claire broke the remaining standards. The survival horror par excellence had a full campaign starring her. The character passionate to own and strangers, and today is a beloved character of the franchise. Only one year later we would see another protagonist in another survival horror. This time it’s about Regina, the special agent that made us live Dino Crisis. Shinji Mikami, creator of both games, has always enjoyed creating hard games with strong women in charge.

The best era of horror games in history

As if that were not enough, soon after we would have a masterpiece of terror, Silent Hill 3, starring the same girl who was kidnapped as a child and for which the number one father of video games, Harry Mason , spent an authentic journey to save her . This time it is she, Heather Mason, who will have to face the other world, the Order and the demons that seek her.

And how not to mention one of the most terrifying games in history, Project Zero. Here, Miku Hinasaki, enters an abandoned mansion full of specters to find his missing brother. His only weapon, the camera and many guts. Time later appear in a sequel to the franchise, more adult and without fear of anything.

Project Zero

That’s right, from 1996 to 2003, horror games were dominated by female characters. Since then, numerous protagonists have set trends. From Bayonetta in the Hack & Slash to Lightning in the RPG, going through the most acclaimed at present, Aloy from Horizon: Zero dawn. We also find characters like YoRHa de Nier: Automata or Ellie in The last of Us.

Those of us who have played all these titles know the works of art they have been. This kind of thing shows that female characters fit into any genre.


A logical, artistic and economic vision

It is absurd to have 50% of the population at your disposal and not take advantage of it. Any company will tell you that and want to attract the largest possible target audience. Electronic Arts hit full when it released its franchise The Sims. I wanted to capture all the public that liked to build things through Sim City, its predecessor. Despite the quality of the games, they did not finish taking off beyond the faithful public. Then they decided to go further. Do not create complex structures of cities, but complex social and existential behaviors. The result? 80% of its players are women and have sold more than 100,000,000 copies worldwide. Today and for a few years, is the franchise that gives you more money, over others like Battlefield.

Girls also like to play, and a lot. That to spend the weekend stale in front of the computer or the console, is not only a matter of guys. The key is to make attractive and interesting games for everyone. The demographic, sociological and statistical studies are to know the tastes and tendencies of the people. Still, there are many girls who enjoy cutting the heads of zombies or beating the Tekken. While there are games that can be geared towards a more specific audience, nothing will materialize 100%.

Since 2014, female groups have started to be seen in eSports and there are currently many. The definitive step? Possibly eliminate the split created by gender. Particularly it would be great to see a tournament of CSGO, LoL or others in which men and women participate together.

A bit of hindsight

Women have been in the sector since its inception. Unfortunately, in the 70s it was not an industry neither popular nor with a broad vision. It must be remembered that until the mid-90s it did not begin to include all the different audiences as objectives / clients. Video games were a thing for children, an outdated entertainment. Once they became adults, they were left aside, like childhood toys. And although there were also girls who played, the companies made products designed to interest children. That changed 25 years ago.

As we discussed above, there is no point in rejecting so many potential audiences. The entertainment sector seeks to cover as much as possible. It was imperative to think, why do not we make the children who have played want to keep doing it? Why do not we make more adult games? What if we look for ways to attract the public that has not played before? Why do not we attract adults, the elderly and occasional players? Said and done. From portable consoles to projects like the Wii desktop, they were specifically designed to capture as many people as possible.

It no longer seeks to interest only the usual gamers, but all people.

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History of videogame creators

Already in the time of Atari we could see Carol Shaw. He programmed the Polo game in 1978 and it was published some time later as part of the CD Stella Gets a New Brain. In 1979 Carol published his first game called 3-D Tic-tac-toe.

Mystery House, considered the first videogame of the graphic adventure genre of history, was also born from the hand of a woman. We are talking about the impressive Roberta Williams. He has more than 30 games under his belt, including popular titles such as King’s Quest. She created the company On-Line Systems with her husband, who would later become Sierra. She was the promoter of the Valve company (Steam) and distributor of the mythical Half-Life that changed history.

Other names of the first years are Dona Bailey, also in Atari, or Doris Self. Doris held the world record for Q * Bert in 1983, being considered today as the first professional competitive player.

It is a pity not to have many more names at that time. As we have said before, in those years videogames were something primarily aimed at children.

The next years

At the end of the 80s and during the 90s, women continued to arrive and make a mark. One of the most notable is Brenda Romero. Brenda is one of the pioneers and creators of role-playing video games as we know them. In his palmares account with almost 50 games, among them very remarkable titles like Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes. He recently received an honorary Bafta for his contribution to the industry. She stopped developing to work as a videogame director and instructor at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

Veterans or current who remain active

Jane Jensen entered the industry after being a programmer at Hewlett-Packard (HP). Screenwriter and designer of titles such as Kings Quest VI and Gabriel Knight series . Follow with projects and its last most recognized is Moebius: Empire Rising , 2014.

Amy Hennig has been in the world of video games for more than two decades. It is one of the greatest references in history. It started for the Atari 7800 with the ElectroCop game . Time later “ascended” to join Electronic Arts (EA) in which she held the position of director of video games. Later it would change to Crystal Dinamics to write and to direct Soul Reaver 2 and Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Undoubtedly his peak moment was when he arrived at Naughty Dog. She was creative director at Jak and Daxter. He has directed the first 3 Uncharted and written the deliveries 2 and 3. He is currently in Visceral Games developing a new game of Star Wars.

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Amy Hennig

Other important figures are Jade Raymond, who directed Ubisoft Toronto and produced the first chapters of Assassin’s Creed. She is now the director of Motive Studios and will be responsible for bringing us the campaign mode of a player from the recent Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Rhianna Pratchet is a screenwriter and has given life to the games Beyond Divinity, Heavenly Sword, Tomb Raider and Mirror’s Edge. We also have Yoko Shimomura, famous for composing the BSO of Street Fighter II, Parasite Eve, Legend of Mana and more current Kingdom Hearts 2. The games To the Moon and Plants vs Zombies had their music by Laura Shigihara.

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Rhianna Pratchet

Kim Swift was part of the game on which the classic Portal was based. It is also one of the developers of the Left 4 Dead series . Now she is, along with other women, on the Star Wars Battlefront 2 team.

And although we could go much further, we’ll end up with Bonnie Ross and Corinne Yu. They have in common to have helped create the famous Halo series . Corinne is also a technology director for companies. He has been in Gearbox for the creation of the Borderlands series , Brothers in Arms in Ubisoft and in Naughty Dog.


We can say with optimism and satisfaction that in recent years the number is growing considerably. Currently, the average of workers in this sector is 18%, while at the beginning of the year 2000 it had a symbolic 5%. It is estimated that by 2030 it will reach and exceed 30%, which yields several positive data. The first is that the industry is beginning to learn how to capture the interest of the female audience. Not only at the consumer level, but to study and work on it. The contributions they make are invaluable for the sector to advance and evolve, providing freshness in several aspects.

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We wish that the upward trend does not decline and we can take as much talent as possible. The passion and vocation do not know about race, age or sex, and every contribution that sume must be well received. We hope you enjoyed this entry and that you have been surprised by some of this information. Taking a look back and reviewing the videogame world from other perspectives is always good. Remember that this is possible thanks to your visit. With your comments and access to the blog, you keep this active and constant. You can subscribe to our Youtube channel to watch videos, demos, gameplays and reviews, and on our social networks you will find humor, raffles, gifts, novelties and first-time offers.

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