Here we bring you a new review of a game. In this case of a title expected by many. We already made other reviews of games in this blog. We have so you can see both Destiny 2 and Call of Duty WWII. Ubisoft, who finally decided to listen to fans of the saga, took a year and a half more time to create this new adventure. Was it worth the wait? We are going to see that and besides, we are going to give you very useful tips so that you can go up to the next level, you can get a fortune in the game and perhaps the most important thing: what skills you should choose. That is, how to be rich, strong and powerful in Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

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Assassin’s Creed: Origins

As we know that you want to know the tips, the review will be quick and summary. For us it has been worth the wait. When a large company listens to its buyers and does something like that, it is very appreciated. Although nothing is perfect and has some defect, we will say here.

cómo ser rico, fuerte y poderoso en Assassin

Disadvantages / Defects

  • The story mode is a little loose. The revenge factor and the whole story that unfolds around it is understandable, but it becomes repetitive. We must give thanks to everything else that we are given to do, because otherwise the game would lose a lot. Its main story pales in comparison to previous deliveries (especially the first ones), although it is not by far the worst.
  • It will not bring expansions. At least that’s what they said and it’s still waiting for them to decide to change it. We love that a game is long and closed, and we are not friends of the DLCs in the first instance, but it is true that this game and its map have a lot of potential, and the DLCs could be created to improve the story and make it more complex and rich.
  • If you’re not a flawed, some side missions can bore you. It is that there are many … Many. In our case the longer a game is more we like, but there are people who only read that completing the game takes about 200 hours will take away the desire.
  • Some have been bothered (and quite rightly so) by the micropayment system. And maybe they have gone a little out of hand. With real money they buy resources or materials, treasure maps and even skills. While it is true that it is not essential to play, can (and in fact in some players happens) leave a bad feeling.

Essential advice

First of all, you want to enjoy the game in its entirety. If you are one of those players who are always thrown headlong into the main missions and who want to pass the game against the clock, forget about these tips because they will not serve you. It’s like Skyrim passed in 20 hours and left it, we consider it a waste of the game. It’s a game that, to the point, is 30-35 hours long. But doing all the secondary missions, we talk about a game that expands up to several hundred hours. Make the most of it, since you’ve paid for it.

Going up a quick level in this Assassin’s Creed Origins is not only possible but it is not complicated. Doing things right from the beginning, you will see that you are rolling and calm throughout the game. From almost the beginning you will go above what is required, giving you more security. Therefore, pay attention to us in what we will tell you from here on. Not only to level up, but to earn a lot of money and the skills of Bayek that you must raise.

How to upload level fast

The new game system is mixed with RPGs touches that we have loved. This consists of leveling up and improving your character according to the activities and missions you are completing. Moreover, in some situations you will have a requirement of a certain level to play them. To this is added that the more level we have, we can equip ourselves with better weapons than we normally would not have access to.

It is true that almost all actions in this installment serve to raise experience. From killing enemies or finding locations, we can raise the level as well. But if you want to go up fast, focus on the side quests. It is the total key to it. Pause the game, look for the missions tab and look at the ones you have nearby. There are people who are dedicated to look and judge if they are interested or want to do a certain mission. Do not do it, they all add up and that’s how you get it. Like a good RPG of a lifetime, if you want to be great, patience and hours. The reward is then very much worth it.

When you have missions and they have secondary objectives, do them too, because the experience multiplies. The case is that you forget in the first hours of game of the main plot, and do not follow it until you have completed the secondary ones. When after doing a couple of history missions are unlocked more secondary, for them. In other games such as Borderlands, Dead Island and others, this system was the key to enjoy 100% of all the possibilities offered by these ‘ Sandbox’.

What if you run out of nearby missions? Do not worry. Approach the nearest informant table and there you will have secondary missions to bore. You will have missions throughout the entire map. Some of them give a lot of experience, so when you go back to the main ones, you will go very well in level.

Cómo ser rico, fuerte y poderoso en Assassin

What skills will unlock?

Once you are already rich and strong, you lack the part of being powerful. For this, the character’s skill tree will help you. This tree consists of three paths with basic and superior skills. In RPGs, usually if you specialize in a path and become an expert in a branch, you will reach the final skills that are usually spectacular. This is a somewhat different case. The basic skills of the three strands are more important than the superior ones.

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