Advised monitors for gaming: everything you need to know.

On this occasion, we will focus on explaining the different types of monitors and their functions. In addition we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. You will see that if they are there, it is for something, and you will know which one you need.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the article.

What is a monitor?

Yes, I know, many of you will be saying now: what silly question is that? But the reality is that you would be surprised to know how little knowledge there is about these peripherals. People confuse them with televisions very often and do not know their properties. Unlike televisions, monitors do not have the built-in sound. Some monitors had and they have, but the sound is so bad and they sell so little, that except for a miracle, they will disappear completely.

So, why do I want a monitor? Simple. Do you play competitive in shooters, MOBAs or Battle Royale games? Then stay because the information that we are going to give you will not find it in many places. Are you not a professional and simply play online or titles with campaigns and history? Well now I will tell you what is best for you.

The attack of the gourmets

The FPS in video games is like modern art: everyone talks about it but few understand what it is about. It is normal for this to happen since it is quite complex. Perhaps the blame has some information disseminators who only sell the: “the more FPS is cooler” or “on your PC you only play at 40 FPS, that’s bad”. Needless to say, in this, as in many other things, we find ‘posers’ who can confuse people who do not know.

So, for you and me, who are mere mortals, I leave you monitors that will amply cover your needs.

The personal part

The only thing that we will not be able to advise you is the size of the monitor. Why? Because it is the most subjective and personal of all. There are people who do not have a large desk or hole to put a large monitor. Others, on the other hand, do not like small screens and the more inches, the better. You also find people who do not want to “go blind” because they play very close to the monitor and because they can not have distance, they prefer it more reduced.

This is why the choice is yours. Particularly the monitors of 19 and 22 inches seem small. The 24 and 25 inches can be very good, and the 27 and 28 inches will delight those who enjoy large screens. Logically, if you want to play on a 42-inch screen, better buy a TV, because monitors like this you will not find.

Knowing the Heresies.

Once you have chosen the size, go with the hertz. No, Hercio is not the main character of Assassins Creed 2. Hertzies are the refresh rate of the monitors (and televisions). Although it is not 100% accurate, simplifying we will say that 1 Hertz (Hz) is equal to 1 ‘Frame’ per Second (FPS). A frame or frame is each one of the snapshots in which an animation or recording is divided .

Because of this, when it is said that a game goes to 30 FPS, it means that it works at 30 frames per second. The more frames per second there are, the more fluidity there will be in the game. Although this has a limit and then we will talk about it. This is why if you buy a 60Hz monitor, the games will see a maximum of 60 FPS. It does not matter if you have a NASA Gaming PC and the games go to 400FPS. If your monitor has 60 Hertz you will not see beyond these.

Is it necessary more than 60 Hertz to play? If you are a simple and poor mortal like us, no. We are not professionals nor do we have the reflexes of Chuck Norris and John Wick together. Here we leave you two perfect monitors to play without complications. 24-inch model and 27-inch model.

What if I like curves?

Once the bad joke is done, we go with the explanation. The curved monitors appeared a couple of years ago. Most people find it uncomfortable, and it’s normal. They are not monitors designed to work, watch movies or everyday use. Curved monitors are used for short distance. They accommodate the view and allow greater immersion in games, especially in competitive shooters. Therefore, if you want to be a professional in CSGO, Overwatch or others, a curved monitor is what you need.

Here we leave you two gaming models, one of 24 inches and another with 27.

Professional? Advised monitors

Calm down, now it’s your turn, we’ll talk about what’s best for you. For starters, 60 Hz is not enough, you need more than that. You have to develop your reflexes to the maximum until you catch flies with chopsticks as they did in Karate Kid. It does not make sense to buy monitors of 75 Hz or 100 Hz and it is best to jump directly to the 144 Hz. Do they exist with more hertz? Yes, there are screens of 200 Hz and 250 Hz. Is it noticeable? The truth is, no. It’s more marketing than reality.

Obviating the very clear suggestion of some, science is science. It is true that you can train your perception and sharpen your reflexes.   The human eye has a processing speed limit, and from there it can not be passed. There are studies like Bloch’s law that ratify it. As of 120 FPS the change is less noticeable and the eye can not register more than 150 frames per second. At least the human eyes and brains (we know that there are bipedal wonders among us).

Now seriously, the most incredible results were found in some combat pilots, who came to appreciate the 200 FPS in training simulations. But as we are not combat pilots and believe us with their own reflexes is to be deluded, we are left with what we have. Pay attention to the reality that you perceive and not to the many ‘Neos’ that there are on the Internet dodging bullets.

That is why we recommend you take the jump from 60 Hz to 144 Hz. Here you have two models, the 24-inch and here another 27. And if you want to be the master of your neighborhood, you can buy a monitor that is curved and have 144 Hz. Here you have it, ready to be yours.

And the IPS? What is that?

If watching monitors see those acronyms, do not stress. IPS is a screen with a different chromatic and light technology. This means that the images are not seen as in the rest of the monitors. IPSs often saturate the colors and change the contrast of the image, which seems to be more alive. While the other monitors give you the natural colors (or with darker shades), with the IPS you will have a more powerful visual appeal.

Does not change anything remarkable in the gameplay and is something more aesthetic. Here you have an IPS monitor so you can take a look at it.

Other urban legends

From the creators of “the more FPS the cooler” they arrive: “The less the more the better”. What is ms? It is an abbreviation of milliseconds. We will summarize it quickly and simply as what is the response time. It is the speed with which a monitor refreshes and changes what happens on the screen. This is mainly claimed to avoid the “ghost effect” in games like CSGO. We would explain this effect but this entry is being eternal and we want you to be able to play, finish your studies, go to sleep, and so on.

Is what is said real? Well, no. It is, again, more marketing than anything else. Why? Because the gurus of the ms and the FPS do not take into account the ‘Input lag’. Yes, another thing to add to the jargon. The input lag is the sum of the response time (ms) plus the processing time. If the processing time is high, it does not matter if you go to 1ms, 2ms or 5ms. With a very high Input lag, you will have some disadvantage in competitive games. Depending on the monitor, it can be up to 5 frames of delay. This is why competitive players play on monitors and not televisions. Televisions usually have a very high input lag.

A 5ms monitor with faster processing will be better than a 1ms monitor slower to process. This can be noticed in elite players, where every thousandth of a second counts. Play the LoL, CSGO or Fortnite, victory or defeat is measured as such.


We leave to the margin and for another article things like the 2K and the 4K. Also the famous G-Sync that is now putting Nvidia in fashion.

Where to find cheap and free games for PC? Here the answer.

Common hazards in the network

cheap games for PC

You will not need to hack or download anything from dangerous and harmful places. Neither do you have to play with doubtful pages whose lack of confidence causes you reluctance when buying. It is normal to have that fear at the beginning of online shopping. More so when, on pages like eBay or similar, you can have very unpleasant experiences. Other more serious, like Amazon, have prices equal to those of ‘El Corte Inglés’ in your city.

So? If secure pages are the same as physical ones in price, why buy in digital? Whenever you see pages of cheap or free games are they going to be scams? Do not worry, because you can be calm. Yes, there are reliable pages with affordable prices and we are going to bring them to you now.

The best pages to buy cheap games

Without further textual extension, here we leave you with the best platforms to buy cheap games this 2018.

Humble Bundle

With the best offers in pack that exist throughout the Internet. His own name already indicates, Humble Bundle (modest set) will delight gamers. Although their usual prices and offers in games are similar to those of the rest, the Humble Bundle overwhelm everyone. Right now there is a Bundle of the ARMA saga, where for 17 euros you can have 3 deliveries with all the expansions. We talked about more than 100 euros in products, put by 17. Other great editions have gone out as packs of Assassins Creed price, sagas as Resident Evil, complete franchises as Tomb Raider or Borderlands, and much more, were for ridiculous prices (8 -13 euros).

humble bundle molon

These offers have a duration of 10 to 14 days and appear one or two a month. It also has a subscription plan very similar to Sony’s famous PSPlus. For about 10 euros a month, they fill you with games until you say enough.

It is not the only advantage that this website has, since it also gives free games. To know more, we will comment later.

Instant Gaming

It is the best page to buy cheap games that currently exists. Instant Gaming has exceptional, fast and professional support like none in its sector. It is 100% Spanish and its system of booking new games is amazing. In the case of Assassins Creed Origins , for example, we could reserve the game before its departure for 35 euros, when in other places it cost 60 euros of rigor. We find games with up to 97% discount. Some prices are absurdly cheap and hard to believe, but they are.

yeah IG

So good is its quality, price and service, that we recommend them on our website and we have them as the best online distributors that exist today.

G2A and GOG

We put these two last because they are not so cheap and the support is much worse. They are not illegal pages, nor insecure nor will you cheat, but it is advisable to have them as a last option. It is good to visit them from time to time to see their exclusive offers. Right now, in GOG , for example, is The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition for 1 euro … 1 euro! That has to be taken advantage of, yes or yes. In addition, G2A usually makes collaborations with youtubers and streamers. What does this mean? Well, through these ‘influencers’ you can access promotions, offers and special raffles.

Juegos baratos G2A VS GOG

Where to get free games?

There are multiple ways to fill your library of games for free. You just have to have interest and know how to search in the right places. Of course, not every day you will have gift games. In the Humble Bundle, for example, they usually give away 2 games a month on average for those who are registered on their website. They have given very good games, such as the Homefront Revolution, the classic Abe’s Oddisey or The Darkness II. We recommend that you do accounts on all digital video game platforms. Once you have your Steam, Origin and Uplay accounts , you just have to wait for them to come.

juegos baratos para PC

For example, a few months ago it was the anniversary of Ubisoft and gave away 7 leading games. He recently gave away 3 well-known games, such as Watch Dogs. On Steam you can find free games almost every week. They also have free weekend downloads to play without limits. Some games are not extensive and, if you get good and have time, you can finish them in those two days. In Origin, the EA platform, you can also enjoy free games. Unlike the previous ones, Origin does not warn about the free games that it releases. You have to connect and see them for yourself in the “Invite the house” section. He has released great gifts, such as The Sims 2 with all the expansions and packs, the wonderful Dragon Age: Origins or the frantic Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Playing on PC is not expensive

In fact, it is the cheapest platform of all. While a PC Gaming is a bigger initial investment than buying a console, then with the prices of the games it is quickly amortized. Games that in console do not fall from 20 or 30 euros despite the years, in PC you find them for 10 euros, 5 … or less.


All the keyboard shortcuts you need to know (Windows 10).

Keyboard shortcuts

atajos de teclado 01

What do we mean by this term? Well, the name itself makes it quite clear. They are combinations created to perform tasks, processes or movements immediately. This allows you to save time and speed up your browsing on the computer. Other combinations allow actions that normally can not be carried out.

With this entry you will feel as if you were using Windows 10 all your life. We will help you position applications, change settings and options, activate or deactivate events and more. We will separate the shortcuts by sections so you can see it well ordered. Remember that in combinations, you have to keep the keys pressed while you are pressing the following ones.

Classic shortcuts

Let’s start with the ones already known. These shortcuts come from previous versions and have been maintained for their practicality and common use.

Main in use

Windows Key – It is the key located between left ‘Alt’ and left ‘Control’. It usually has the Windows symbol. It is used to temporarily hide applications to display the desktop.
Ctrl + Alt + Delete – It is the most known shortcut by all. It is used to go to a menu from which you will have access to the task manager, to block the PC and many other useful and interesting functions.
Ctrl + C key – Copy a text that you have marked or marked and save it to your clipboard until you paste it in the destination you want.
Ctrl + V – Paste what you have previously copied.
Windows + D – Minimize applications to go to the desktop directly.
Ctrl + Shift + M – To restore applications that are minimized. It can be used together with the previous shortcut perfectly.
Windows + Home – If your keyboard is Spanish, ‘Home’ will be translated as a ‘Start’ key. It is usually to the right of the ‘Enter’ key or on the number pad (number 7). It serves to minimize all the windows that you have open at a time except the one you are using.

Secondary but useful

Windows + L key – This will lock your computer and take you to the lock window.
Windows + E key – Open the file browser.
Alt + Up – Once you are in the file browser, it allows you to go up one level.
Alt + Left – Inside the file browser, it is used to go to the previous folder.
Alt + Right key – As in the previous one, it is used to go to the next folder.
Alt + Tab – Allows you to change the window. You can also keep Alt pressed while pressing Tab to visually choose the window you want to go to.
Alt + F4 – Used to close the window you are using.
Windows Key + Shift + Left (or Right) – This combination allows you to move a window to your next monitor.
Windows + T – Used to change applications. It is chosen by pressing the Enter key.
Windows key + Any number key – You open the application of your taskbar (the one you have located in that position). They are arranged from left to right.

Atajos de teclado

Humorous montage of the classic and best-known Windows background.

Record and capture the screen

One of the great novelties of this new operating system is the improvement in these two aspects. The “Clipping” function and the screenshot are optimized and the new function of saving the desktop appears. What previously needed certain programs, now it is Windows 10 itself that incorporates it.

Windows key + PrtScr – You can take a screenshot. They will appear in the Images folder.
Windows + G – You will open the DVR application that allows you to record the screen. You have to have a graphic card that supports this process.
Windows + Alt + G – Start recording
Windows key + Alt + R – Stop recording.
Windows + P – Switch between screen modes if you have another monitor connected.
Windows key + “more” key – You use the magnifying glass. It serves to expand or zoom the screen.
Windows key + “minus” key – As in the previous one. It serves to zoom out or lower the screen.

Screen options

One of the also existing changes, is the ‘Snap’ . Snap is to make a screen division. Although it is not new to Windows 10, it has changed. We leave you the keyboard shortcuts so you can do it. You can position windows on any side of the screen, assign them to quadrants, fill in the gaps with other applications, and so on.

Windows + Left key – You can make a division left of the active window.
Windows Key + Right – Same as in the previous case but to the right.
Windows + Up – Make a division of the window upwards.
Windows + Down – With in the previous cases but in the downward direction.

Keyboard shortcuts

Virtual desks

Windows 10 brings this and it is a very pleasant surprise. The virtual desktops is, in summary, how to have additional monitors. You can get the perfect order and have a complete and at the same time clean desk. Imagine having a desk for shortcuts to games, another for cleaning and maintenance programs, another for documents, and so on.

Windows key + Ctrl + D – Create new virtual desktop.
Windows + Ctrl + Left – Move to the desktop on the left.
Windows + Ctrl + Right – As in the previous case, but on the right.
Windows key + Ctrl + F4 – Close the desktop that is being used at that moment.
Windows Key + Tab – Allows you to see in general all your desktops and what they contain.

Shortcuts to use Cortana

Windows 10 has left a little aside (or a lot) basic voice assistance as we knew it. Instead, he has brought us Cortana, the personal assistant who perfects and polishes all the deficiencies. One thing is certain that in a public space, calling you is not very normal. That’s why here we leave you some shortcuts so that does not happen.

Windows + Q key – Allows you to start Cortana silently (without having to call it by voice to activate it).
Windows + S – Start Cortana without the need to receive voice commands so you can write them.
Windows + I key – Used to open the Windows 10 settings page.
Windows + A key – Combination that opens the Windows notification center.
Windows + X – Used to open the context menu of the start button. It is a type of direct access to different functions. Use it and browse a little!

“Delicate” shortcuts

Then we leave you with some special shortcuts. They give you quick access to advanced settings and options. We recommend investigating a bit through the interface but without interacting. Do not press buttons or apply changes unless you know what you are doing.

Ctrl + Shif t + Esc – Automatically opens the Windows task manager.
Windows + R key – Start the “Run” dialog box. This box is used to write multiple advanced accesses.
Shift + Delete – Do you want to delete the files permanently? You no longer have to go to the recycling bin to confirm the deletions, with this, they will disappear forever.
Alt + Enter – After selecting an article or file, it shows its properties.
Windows + U key – Open the easy access center.
Windows + Space – Used to change the keyboard language. Be careful with this combination. Many times it is accidentally tightened and we wonder how to get it right again.
Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + any numeric key – You open the taskbar with administrator permissions.

Other shortcuts

To conclude, we leave you other shortcuts that may be of interest. They are not exactly shortcuts for desktop or Windows, but they will surely help you a lot.

Ctrl + F – In browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome, open a word search engine. It is extremely useful and practical in some situations.
Ctrl + P – You open the print window directly to print the documents or images you want.
Shift + Left – Use to highlight text to the left of the cursor.
Shift + Right – The same in the previous one but to the right.
Ctrl + Shift key + Left (or Right) – To speed up, you can highlight blocks of text instead of just one.
Ctrl + A key – Allows you to select all the text.

The headphones that will make you vibrate: Mars Gaming MH4V2

It does not surprise anyone if we say that Mars Gaming is currently the brand whose products we analyze the most in the blog. Your generosity and willingness to send us the material we ask for, also adds the quality of their products and the interest they know how to provoke us. This is the first time we analyzed a headset . They are not very simple analysis to do, to deceive you. These reviews have much more difficulty than a keyboard or a mouse. Even so they looked so good that we could not resist trying it.

We hope to be at the height and release in the world of headsets with good grades.


MH4 or MH4v2?

When you search the Internet for this headset, almost all the references that are found today refer to the MH4. All the reviews and analyzes belong to the MH4 and we only find the MH4v2 in the page of its manufacturer, Mars Gaming. Why? Aesthetically it is identical and we will not see differences beyond the sticker that is in the center of the headphones that differentiate one model from another.

Where you can see the most palpable differences is in your box. Here we can see an example of such design changes in its receptacle.

Mars Gaming MH4V2Mars Gaming MH4V2

We particularly love this face wash. They are not very big changes, but they are successful changes. The box no longer has an aesthetic so simple in appearance but retains the same texts by its back and its side, although with different image.

Mars Gaming MH4V2

At all times we are clear that this is the v2, that is, a second version that is presumed to have been made to be better than its predecessor.

How has it improved?

It is inevitable to ask this question when everything is apparently the same. On the front of his box and they say it clear: it has a new chipset. What is a chipset? For those who do not know or those who do not want to read too much, we will summarize it saying that it is the set of integrated circuits that are designed with an architecture prepared to work on a motherboard. Within this functionality, there are many types of optimization and possibilities for improvement. Simplifying: that something is well done does not mean it can not be better.


The guys from Mars Gaming assure us that this new chipset improves the quality of the sound we hear and the quality of the microphone and how they hear us. In addition to this they have created a new software with improved drivers and drivers.

The ‘Unboxing’ and first impressions

Some details of the box we have already commented. Important to tell the measurements of the headset as well as its weight. 221 x 215 x 92 mm are its dimensions and 468g its volume. This makes it somewhat heavier than its previous version. Thinking about half a kilo on our head and pressing our temples and ears can sound uncomfortable if you have never used a headset, but the truth is that to have such a prominent volume is strangely light.

The pads of the upper structure (the adjustable arm or headband) are extremely comfortable. For professional players who spend hours using this kind of accessories or for non-professionals who spend long periods of time with them (MMORPG raiders or farmers, for example), they will not notice fatigue or pain in their ears due to the absence of discomfort.


Its design, once again and as is customary with the Mars Gaming brand, is clearly defined towards sports and the pursuit of spectacular, which almost always achieves.

Designed in hard plastic and covered with a layer of polystyrene to ensure protection, we have a more rigid headset than usual. But this is not uncomfortable, as we mentioned before, because the headband and earmuffs are covered with soft and comfortable synthetic leather.


  • Positional Sound Professional Gaming 7.2 with powerful control software.
  • Exclusive SENSUS sound technology specifically designed for gamers that offers an incredible audio-sensitive power-bass sound experience.
  • Two sound units on each side: a high quality 50mm speaker plus the SENSUS unit for a unique sound experience.
  • Impedance 32 Ohms.
  • Frequency range 15Hz ~ 20000Hz.
  • Spectacular red lighting effect.
  • Smart ergonomic design for long use.
  • Premium comfort pads in headphones and band.
  • Ultra-long microphone with advanced noise filtering system.
  • Rugged high quality mesh cable and control box.
  • Especially manufactured for pro-gamers with powerful and deep bass.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 10.

Testing them

The MH4 sounds good, so we start from a promising base. We also take into account that it is not a headset of 15 or 20 euros, but it already enters a mid-range price and therefore its quality will be good. But the question is, how good? And the answer is that there really is an improvement in the audio. In most headphones, the sound is usually classified as “nasal” because it does not offer the same definition as speakers of the same price. Have we noticed an improvement? Yes. That “nasal” touch is lost a little more and a more authentic definition is achieved. It is not a change so significant as to be a superior scale of quality, but of an improved version.

In the microphone we have not been able to appreciate a big difference, but the quality with which they listen to us will surprise many when you play online or perform video calls.


The external module is fully functional in addition to having a nice design, so we can make changes in the volume without having to go to your software or desktop, which is very appreciated in half of games and competitions.

Best of all, for us, it is that “vibration” that occurs with certain bass sounds. All a success that will create more immersion is certain games.


As we have indicated above, it has its own configuration software. We love that it comes with its physical version in addition to the one you can download from the manufacturer’s website. In this software we can configure several things, such as the type of acoustics we want. It is good to have the software downloaded although it is not essential, since as we have indicated, with its external module we can enjoy it.


The feeling is very positive. Mars Gaming is crowned in the mercano not for its quality, but for its quality / price. To this we add their designs and make us to extremely attractive products. In the case of the MH4v2 it is not only the ‘cool’ that you get when you wear it on your head or your comfort, but it really listens well and has a good microphone.

If we have taken this peripheral as something new or different and more expensive, the valuation that we would give would be very different. But the price it keeps with respect to the MH4 is almost identical and has respected its design. It is an improved version at the price that its predecessor had before, so we applaud the desire of Mars Gaming to offer updated and improved products over time.

Gamer girls in and out of video games.

Moving away from the typical controversies, we are simply going to analyze the positive increase of women in the industry. We are going to do a “small” but not simple tour on this, and see all the benefits that this produces. We repeat that this will be as objective an analysis as possible, and we do not want to enter into thorny issues that sometimes surround these issues. Let’s move on to analyze the history of the gamer girls and the most relevant female roles in video games.

Samus, Nana and other leading players

Women have always been in the world of video games. It is impossible not to see the value and potential of the female characters in the stories. Nintendo was already a pioneer in this, introducing several women protagonists in the games of its second console, NES. The first of all, Famicon, had as important characters Peach and Zelda, but they were mere princesses to rescue, just as they were the classic Disney films.

But with the arrival of NES, that changed. In Super Mario Bros 2 we could put ourselves in the skin of Peach, which had the ability to float a little in the air, which was most useful in many moments of the game. But the great and first protagonist in the history of video games will always be Samus. Each Metroid Prime that is launched is a great game, and its protagonist a real wonder. And much less known but also important is Nana. Do not you remember it? The one that along with Popo, his brother, tried not to be eaten by the screen in Ice Climbers.

chicas gamer

The protagonists that revolutionized the industry

As we have already said, Samus Aran will always hold the throne in that respect. But it is true that he almost always wears his armor and not everyone knows his identity. That’s why we’re going to focus on other female characters that surprised strangers and strangers alike. We are going to make the essential mention of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider saga. As in many other articles talk about it, we will try to focus on less mentioned protagonists.

Who has not suffered from real terror with the Resident Evil ? If you like the saga, you will know Claire Redfield for sure .

Just two years after Lara Croft surprised the world, Claire broke the remaining standards. The survival horror par excellence had a full campaign starring her. The character passionate to own and strangers, and today is a beloved character of the franchise. Only one year later we would see another protagonist in another survival horror. This time it’s about Regina, the special agent that made us live Dino Crisis. Shinji Mikami, creator of both games, has always enjoyed creating hard games with strong women in charge.

The best era of horror games in history

As if that were not enough, soon after we would have a masterpiece of terror, Silent Hill 3, starring the same girl who was kidnapped as a child and for which the number one father of video games, Harry Mason , spent an authentic journey to save her . This time it is she, Heather Mason, who will have to face the other world, the Order and the demons that seek her.

And how not to mention one of the most terrifying games in history, Project Zero. Here, Miku Hinasaki, enters an abandoned mansion full of specters to find his missing brother. His only weapon, the camera and many guts. Time later appear in a sequel to the franchise, more adult and without fear of anything.

Project Zero

That’s right, from 1996 to 2003, horror games were dominated by female characters. Since then, numerous protagonists have set trends. From Bayonetta in the Hack & Slash to Lightning in the RPG, going through the most acclaimed at present, Aloy from Horizon: Zero dawn. We also find characters like YoRHa de Nier: Automata or Ellie in The last of Us.

Those of us who have played all these titles know the works of art they have been. This kind of thing shows that female characters fit into any genre.


A logical, artistic and economic vision

It is absurd to have 50% of the population at your disposal and not take advantage of it. Any company will tell you that and want to attract the largest possible target audience. Electronic Arts hit full when it released its franchise The Sims. I wanted to capture all the public that liked to build things through Sim City, its predecessor. Despite the quality of the games, they did not finish taking off beyond the faithful public. Then they decided to go further. Do not create complex structures of cities, but complex social and existential behaviors. The result? 80% of its players are women and have sold more than 100,000,000 copies worldwide. Today and for a few years, is the franchise that gives you more money, over others like Battlefield.

Girls also like to play, and a lot. That to spend the weekend stale in front of the computer or the console, is not only a matter of guys. The key is to make attractive and interesting games for everyone. The demographic, sociological and statistical studies are to know the tastes and tendencies of the people. Still, there are many girls who enjoy cutting the heads of zombies or beating the Tekken. While there are games that can be geared towards a more specific audience, nothing will materialize 100%.

Since 2014, female groups have started to be seen in eSports and there are currently many. The definitive step? Possibly eliminate the split created by gender. Particularly it would be great to see a tournament of CSGO, LoL or others in which men and women participate together.

A bit of hindsight

Women have been in the sector since its inception. Unfortunately, in the 70s it was not an industry neither popular nor with a broad vision. It must be remembered that until the mid-90s it did not begin to include all the different audiences as objectives / clients. Video games were a thing for children, an outdated entertainment. Once they became adults, they were left aside, like childhood toys. And although there were also girls who played, the companies made products designed to interest children. That changed 25 years ago.

As we discussed above, there is no point in rejecting so many potential audiences. The entertainment sector seeks to cover as much as possible. It was imperative to think, why do not we make the children who have played want to keep doing it? Why do not we make more adult games? What if we look for ways to attract the public that has not played before? Why do not we attract adults, the elderly and occasional players? Said and done. From portable consoles to projects like the Wii desktop, they were specifically designed to capture as many people as possible.

It no longer seeks to interest only the usual gamers, but all people.

chicas gamer

History of videogame creators

Already in the time of Atari we could see Carol Shaw. He programmed the Polo game in 1978 and it was published some time later as part of the CD Stella Gets a New Brain. In 1979 Carol published his first game called 3-D Tic-tac-toe.

Mystery House, considered the first videogame of the graphic adventure genre of history, was also born from the hand of a woman. We are talking about the impressive Roberta Williams. He has more than 30 games under his belt, including popular titles such as King’s Quest. She created the company On-Line Systems with her husband, who would later become Sierra. She was the promoter of the Valve company (Steam) and distributor of the mythical Half-Life that changed history.

Other names of the first years are Dona Bailey, also in Atari, or Doris Self. Doris held the world record for Q * Bert in 1983, being considered today as the first professional competitive player.

It is a pity not to have many more names at that time. As we have said before, in those years videogames were something primarily aimed at children.

The next years

At the end of the 80s and during the 90s, women continued to arrive and make a mark. One of the most notable is Brenda Romero. Brenda is one of the pioneers and creators of role-playing video games as we know them. In his palmares account with almost 50 games, among them very remarkable titles like Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes. He recently received an honorary Bafta for his contribution to the industry. She stopped developing to work as a videogame director and instructor at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

Veterans or current who remain active

Jane Jensen entered the industry after being a programmer at Hewlett-Packard (HP). Screenwriter and designer of titles such as Kings Quest VI and Gabriel Knight series . Follow with projects and its last most recognized is Moebius: Empire Rising , 2014.

Amy Hennig has been in the world of video games for more than two decades. It is one of the greatest references in history. It started for the Atari 7800 with the ElectroCop game . Time later “ascended” to join Electronic Arts (EA) in which she held the position of director of video games. Later it would change to Crystal Dinamics to write and to direct Soul Reaver 2 and Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Undoubtedly his peak moment was when he arrived at Naughty Dog. She was creative director at Jak and Daxter. He has directed the first 3 Uncharted and written the deliveries 2 and 3. He is currently in Visceral Games developing a new game of Star Wars.

Chicas gamer

Amy Hennig

Other important figures are Jade Raymond, who directed Ubisoft Toronto and produced the first chapters of Assassin’s Creed. She is now the director of Motive Studios and will be responsible for bringing us the campaign mode of a player from the recent Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Rhianna Pratchet is a screenwriter and has given life to the games Beyond Divinity, Heavenly Sword, Tomb Raider and Mirror’s Edge. We also have Yoko Shimomura, famous for composing the BSO of Street Fighter II, Parasite Eve, Legend of Mana and more current Kingdom Hearts 2. The games To the Moon and Plants vs Zombies had their music by Laura Shigihara.

chicas gamer

Rhianna Pratchet

Kim Swift was part of the game on which the classic Portal was based. It is also one of the developers of the Left 4 Dead series . Now she is, along with other women, on the Star Wars Battlefront 2 team.

And although we could go much further, we’ll end up with Bonnie Ross and Corinne Yu. They have in common to have helped create the famous Halo series . Corinne is also a technology director for companies. He has been in Gearbox for the creation of the Borderlands series , Brothers in Arms in Ubisoft and in Naughty Dog.


We can say with optimism and satisfaction that in recent years the number is growing considerably. Currently, the average of workers in this sector is 18%, while at the beginning of the year 2000 it had a symbolic 5%. It is estimated that by 2030 it will reach and exceed 30%, which yields several positive data. The first is that the industry is beginning to learn how to capture the interest of the female audience. Not only at the consumer level, but to study and work on it. The contributions they make are invaluable for the sector to advance and evolve, providing freshness in several aspects.

portada chicas gamer

We wish that the upward trend does not decline and we can take as much talent as possible. The passion and vocation do not know about race, age or sex, and every contribution that sume must be well received. We hope you enjoyed this entry and that you have been surprised by some of this information. Taking a look back and reviewing the videogame world from other perspectives is always good. Remember that this is possible thanks to your visit. With your comments and access to the blog, you keep this active and constant. You can subscribe to our Youtube channel to watch videos, demos, gameplays and reviews, and on our social networks you will find humor, raffles, gifts, novelties and first-time offers.

Power and beauty at its best: PC Gamer F1 and F1 Ryzen.

We return to the load and without stopping with another PC Gamer of those that you love. A computer that goes where it goes, creates school and sits chair. The most purchased PCs currently on our website by professional players and youtubers. A beautiful, imposing computer and a TOP of its range. In short, pure power at its best: PC Gamer F1 and F1 Ryzen.

PC Gamer F1 and F1 Ryzen

The quality / price in high ranges also exists

As you know in NitroPC we like to look through the users’ pocket. Many want to be able to play their favorite games without having to spend large amounts of money. And although you can get great performance with cheap prices, there are people who go further.

Those who save good capital to invest in a high-end PC have to be well advised and respected. In high-end PCs, with superior components and state-of-the-art technology, prices tend to be inflated under these pretexts. In NitroPC we maintain the quality / price in all its ranges and models, and the one that invests an amount above the average in a team, you can be sure and calm that you will have the best.

PC Gamer F1 y F1 Ryzen

Blue LED Model  

The high and super high ranges

Some people do not skimp on spending on a gaming device. Doing so ensures that your computer will be optimal for a longer period of time and will move the games to the maximum performance even with the passage of time. Speaking in general and standard terms (not totals and absolutes), here is a table of how long a computer can last without having to change parts to move the most current games depending on the money they cost:

If the PCs range between 500 and 700 euros: from 3 to 6 years.
If you invest an amount between 800 and 1,000 euros: from 6 to 8 years.
PCS gaming 1,000-1,500 euros: from 8 to 10 years.
PCs of super high range of +1,500 euros: more than 10 years.

Longest-lived PC Gamer

We repeat that it is an indicative table of necessary requirements to be able to play video games that are coming to market. If you do not usually play the latest and you are more than regular games (MOBAs like League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm, MMOs like World of Warcraft, online shooters like Counter Strike, etc.), the PCs of the first two points will last much longer since they are less demanding games and with a time in the market. The next two points are for those who want, for example, to move all the games to the maximum of frames per second possible. For those who want to have the resolutions in ultra and the textures to stop and that even then the game goes smoothly and without any problem.

Buying any of our models, you ensure more time to do everything you want. You forget to have to update components, change parts and of course, you will not be short on anything.

In short, people who want a machine that always goes full speed even with the passage of time.

The new PC Gamer F1

It is no secret that PC Gamer F1 has been in our catalog for a few months. Many NitroPCeros already enjoy it and are more than happy. But as you know the computer is an unstoppable train and if you neglect a blink, you will be outdated. That is why we have changed the F1 tower to a more modern, more cosmopolitan one that delights those who wish to have a gaming area in their rooms. Gone are the metal sheets or plastics. Its sides and front of tempered and transparent glass improve the clarity of the lighting and the interior is more appreciated.

Aesthetics and Lighting

Now in all kinds of peripherals and accessories it is known that they are illuminated. In the dark or in a dim light, the neons make the place an incredible environment. And if so are the keyboards, mice and so on, why not the PCs? With the F1 you can have up to six fans with added lighting and LED strips with control and lighting sets. Through a knob and buttons you can choose the lighting (color) that you like and even lighting modes (such as fan out).

PC Gamer F1 y F1 Ryzen

Generic characteristics

The new PC Gamer F1 models have not been updated only in aesthetics, but also in components. An exceptional team and prepared for extreme gaming. It has a capacity more than enough to play everything you want in any resolution and without restrictions. Suitable for intensive sessions and professional and competitive game. The Intel model incorporates the latest generation processor and Intel Core i7 8700K performance of 12 virtual wires that work like physical cores at 4.3Ghz. With its automatic Turbo system, in lower consumption (1, 2 cores) can rise to 4.7Ghz. As for the Ryzen model, the new Ryzen 7 2700X high-performance processor with 16 virtual wires works like physical cores at 4.3Ghz.

It has 16 GB of RAM to cover any activity. A pro gaming toe board and a power supply capable of supporting an SLI bridge of two GTX 1080 graphics cards. Additional solid hard disk for total loading and starting speed. It has the very powerful Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 8GB graphics card with added capacity to take advantage of the new virtual reality. PC also valid as Workstation to design, model, create, animate and any other type of work.

Other features

Checking its back and front we can see that it has 9 USB ports. Of these, six are ports 3.1 with the latest Gen1 technology, being able to multiply the number of ports and reach more than 20.

PC Gamer F1 y F1 Ryzen

Rear F1 model 

Also with its graph, we can connect up to three simultaneous screens. And as for the sound, you have guaranteed a more than optimal 7.1. resulting to be a PC to the last.

Regarding its performance, it is not necessary to give examples. Unlike other cheaper PCs, with this you do not have to worry about playing in FULL HD 1080p at all, more than 60 fps and in most titles (almost all prepared for it), can also do it in 2K and 4K .

If you want to know all the information and the most specific features of the PC Gamer F1, you will be able to see them by entering their page on our website. Here you will also have the very powerful version of the F1 in Ryzen model , with 16 processor cores.

Great power at reduced size: PC Gamer Box Aqua

Technology has always had the philosophy of creating more and more power in the smallest possible space. The PC Gamer Box Aqua is an example of the progress that may be made in the immediate future.

Power and size

For a while, mobile phones went from being big uncomfortable devices to real miniatures of what they were in the beginning. With the arrival of smartphones, this fact was reversed and mobile phones have enlarged their size in order to support all current requirements, both at a technological level and at the user’s level of need. In the case of the towers in the PC world, it has been a few years since their standard dimensions have changed very little. The graphics cards, increasingly powerful, do not seem to reduce their size drastically in the short term.

But a few years ago, new towers were designed, smaller but equally powerful. Unjustly unknown by the public in general and by many gamers. You will not have problems when playing and you will not notice big differences in their performance. An example of this is the computer that we present to you now, and that you can acquire on our website.

PC Gamer Box Aqua

With a size somewhat larger than a shoe box, we find a very beautiful little beast. His aesthetic is spectacular and it gives us a great feeling to think that something so small does not have to envy his older brothers.

Of course in NitroPC you will be able to expand and improve these Little Gaming PCs until you discover they can do it all.

General characteristics

 – Intel i5 6500
 – 3.60Ghz x 4 cores
 – Nv. GTX960 4GB
 – RAM: 16Gb DDR4
 – HDD: 1TB

Dimensions: 265 x 330 x 340 mm (width x height x depth)

And as an example of what this machine can move here we leave you some current games and the performance that gives them:

youtube variation

  • Doom: 1080p Full HD, Ultra 67FPS graphic quality.
  • Overwatch: 1080p Full HD, Epic 60FPS graphic quality.
  • Fallout 4: 1080p, Ultra 53FPS graphic quality.
  • Star Wars Battlefront: 1080p, Ultra 64FPS graphic quality.
  • GTA V: 1080p Full HD, Ultra 89FPS graphic quality.


Analysis: Krom Kratos TKL, gaming keyboard

We are going to taste the Krom Kratos TKL or better known as the Kratos TKL gaming keyboard from Krom, the gaming sub-brand of the Nox company.

Before we start, we are going to say that, on this occasion, Nox has not given us this material for analysis, unlike Tacens and its sub-stations Mars Gaming and Thunderx3. We hope that in the near future we can count on your collaboration.

‘Unboxing’ and first impressions

We are in the first instance with a very robust box. As we usually see in almost all cases of this type of products, on the back they provide us with all their generic characteristics, as well as their physical properties (measurements, weight, etc.).

The design of the box has, as usual in the brand, the orange color as the protagonist, something that we will see again when the keyboard is illuminated.

Once opened, we see that the keyboard is quite well protected. The interior, colorful and striking, we think a hit of originality. Bring a user manual which we appreciate since we love these “old school” details. As traditional as we are for these things (or outdated, perhaps), we love when in peripherals and accessories comes a CD or minidisc with its custom drivers. We miss that but we understand that nowadays they are not necessary being able to download the software from the website of the manufacturer.


Once the plastic is removed, we access the keyboard and we can move on to the next phase.

Characteristics and properties

The first thing that will draw attention to those who are not very accustomed to this type of keyboards, is the absence of the numeric pad. It maintains the aesthetics of its previous version, but it is reduced in size with its “TenKeyLess” (TKL) format, which will be more comfortable for gamers and will save space on your desktop. Its measures are 392x160x37 mm and a weight of 998 grams, almost a kilo.
Of course, a negative aspect in our opinion is the absence of wrist rest, essential if you are a regular gamer. Having to buy it separately does not seem very appropriate.

At its base, we find four rubber strips to achieve a great grip on the table and optimize their support. It also has two small hikes to raise the back and improve its ergonomics.

Once again, as we began to see with great pleasure among the gaming keyboards of recent years, has a high quality braided cable that will provide much more durability and longevity to the peripheral. But if the good quality of your cable material is not enough, it has a connector for the Kensington lock, a peculiar anti-theft system that, while being alone in your home may not be very useful, it is really practical in offices, counters and professional players who travel with their teams.

At the end of your meter and a half of cable, we find a USB. This is normal for current keyboards, but it draws attention in this one because its previous version used the jack connector.


Technical characteristics

  • Mechanical keyboard with switches that look good quality.
  • 5 profiles, 6 macro keys and 8 multimedia.
  • The essential lock of the Windows key.
  • Internal memory of 128 Kb.
  • Configurable anti-ghosting keys. We emphasize in this aspect its great reliability after hours of playing with the keyboard.
  • Kailh Red / Brown / Blue mechanical switches.


It has the backlit orange keys. Although many people love other colors, and even that there is a range of them to choose from or that they appear intermittently, we understand that it only has this color since it is what the brand uses to distinguish itself. It is, so to speak, its hallmark. By downloading your software you can configure the Illumination and it will allow you to activate any of the 3 modes that you have, or configure the customization of the keys.

  • Breathing mode: The illumination of the keyboard changes every time and in the case of this peripheral it does it in various ways (snake mode, fan, blind, etc.).
  • Display mode: The entire keyboard is illuminated equally.
  • Custom style: You can choose which keys you want to illuminate.

Other data of interest

In this section we can highlight the possibility of configuration without the software, very much appreciated. They also promise a useful life of 50,000,000 pulsations, which translates to 13,700 pulsations per day for 10 years. This is true for a professional player, but for an occasional player it can be up to twice as long.



We have an extremely balanced peripheral. An evolution of the Kratos keyboard, which improves on things like having the USB connector or a lower price for the sacrifice of the numeric pad, which is not necessary for gaming. A complete keyboard and a great choice where quality / price prevails.