Power and beauty at its best: PC Gamer F1 and F1 Ryzen.

We return to the load and without stopping with another PC Gamer of those that you love. A computer that goes where it goes, creates school and sits chair. The most purchased PCs currently on our website by professional players and youtubers. A beautiful, imposing computer and a TOP of its range. In short, pure power at its best: PC Gamer F1 and F1 Ryzen.

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The quality / price in high ranges also exists

As you know in NitroPC we like to look through the users’ pocket. Many want to be able to play their favorite games without having to spend large amounts of money. And although you can get great performance with cheap prices, there are people who go further.

Those who save good capital to invest in a high-end PC have to be well advised and respected. In high-end PCs, with superior components and state-of-the-art technology, prices tend to be inflated under these pretexts. In NitroPC we maintain the quality / price in all its ranges and models, and the one that invests an amount above the average in a team, you can be sure and calm that you will have the best.

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Blue LED Model

The high and super high ranges

Some people do not skimp on spending on a gaming device. Doing so ensures that your computer will be optimal for a longer period of time and will move the games to the maximum performance even with the passage of time. Speaking in general and standard terms (not totals and absolutes), here is a table of how long a computer can last without having to change parts to move the most current games depending on the money they cost:

If the PCs range between 500 and 700 euros: from 3 to 6 years.
If you invest an amount between 800 and 1,000 euros: from 6 to 8 years.
PCS gaming 1,000-1,500 euros: from 8 to 10 years.
PCs of super high range of +1,500 euros: more than 10 years.

Longest-lived PC Gamer

We repeat that it is an indicative table of necessary requirements to be able to play video games that are coming to market. If you do not usually play the latest and you are more than regular games (MOBAs like League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm, MMOs like World of Warcraft, online shooters like Counter Strike, etc.), the PCs of the first two points will last much longer since they are less demanding games and with a time in the market. The next two points are for those who want, for example, to move all the games to the maximum of frames per second possible. For those who want to have the resolutions in ultra and the textures to stop and that even then the game goes smoothly and without any problem.

Buying any of our models, you ensure more time to do everything you want. You forget to have to update components, change parts and of course, you will not be short on anything.

In short, people who want a machine that always goes full speed even with the passage of time.

The new PC Gamer F1

It is no secret that PC Gamer F1 has been in our catalog for a few months. Many NitroPCeros already enjoy it and are more than happy. But as you know the computer is an unstoppable train and if you neglect a blink, you will be outdated. That is why we have changed the F1 tower to a more modern, more cosmopolitan one that delights those who wish to have a gaming area in their rooms. Gone are the metal sheets or plastics. Its sides and front of tempered and transparent glass improve the clarity of the lighting and the interior is more appreciated.

Aesthetics and Lighting

Now in all kinds of peripherals and accessories it is known that they are illuminated. In the dark or in a dim light, the neons make the place an incredible environment. And if so are the keyboards, mice and so on, why not the PCs? With the F1 you can have up to six fans with added lighting and LED strips with control and lighting sets. Through a knob and buttons you can choose the lighting (color) that you like and even lighting modes (such as fan out).

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Generic characteristics

The new PC Gamer F1 models have not been updated only in aesthetics, but also in components. An exceptional team and prepared for extreme gaming. It has a capacity more than enough to play everything you want in any resolution and without restrictions. Suitable for intensive sessions and professional and competitive game. The Intel model incorporates the latest generation processor and Intel Core i7 8700K performance of 12 virtual wires that work like physical cores at 4.3Ghz. With its automatic Turbo system, in lower consumption (1, 2 cores) can rise to 4.7Ghz. As for the Ryzen model, the new Ryzen 7 2700X high-performance processor with 16 virtual wires works like physical cores at 4.3Ghz.

It has 16 GB of RAM to cover any activity. A pro gaming toe board and a power supply capable of supporting an SLI bridge of two GTX 1080 graphics cards. Additional solid hard disk for total loading and starting speed. It has the very powerful Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 8GB graphics card with added capacity to take advantage of the new virtual reality. PC also valid as Workstation to design, model, create, animate and any other type of work.

Other features

Checking its back and front we can see that it has 9 USB ports. Of these, six are ports 3.1 with the latest Gen1 technology, being able to multiply the number of ports and reach more than 20.

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Rear F1 model

Also with its graph, we can connect up to three simultaneous screens. And as for the sound, you have guaranteed a more than optimal 7.1. resulting to be a PC to the last.

Regarding its performance, it is not necessary to give examples. Unlike other cheaper PCs, with this you do not have to worry about playing in FULL HD 1080p at all, more than 60 fps and in most titles (almost all prepared for it), can also do it in 2K and 4K .

If you want to know all the information and the most specific features of the PC Gamer F1, you will be able to see them by entering their page on our website. Here you will also have the very powerful version of the F1 in Ryzen model , with 16 processor cores.

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