It does not surprise anyone if we say that Mars Gaming is currently the brand whose products we analyze the most in the blog. Your generosity and willingness to send us the material we ask for, also adds the quality of their products and the interest they know how to provoke us. This is the first time we analyzed a headset . They are not very simple analysis to do, to deceive you. These reviews have much more difficulty than a keyboard or a mouse. Even so they looked so good that we could not resist trying it.

We hope to be at the height and release in the world of headsets with good grades.


MH4 or MH4v2?

When you search the Internet for this headset, almost all the references that are found today refer to the MH4. All the reviews and analyzes belong to the MH4 and we only find the MH4v2 in the page of its manufacturer, Mars Gaming. Why? Aesthetically it is identical and we will not see differences beyond the sticker that is in the center of the headphones that differentiate one model from another.

Where you can see the most palpable differences is in your box. Here we can see an example of such design changes in its receptacle.

Mars Gaming MH4V2Mars Gaming MH4V2

We particularly love this face wash. They are not very big changes, but they are successful changes. The box no longer has an aesthetic so simple in appearance but retains the same texts by its back and its side, although with different image.

Mars Gaming MH4V2

At all times we are clear that this is the v2, that is, a second version that is presumed to have been made to be better than its predecessor.

How has it improved?

It is inevitable to ask this question when everything is apparently the same. On the front of his box and they say it clear: it has a new chipset. What is a chipset? For those who do not know or those who do not want to read too much, we will summarize it saying that it is the set of integrated circuits that are designed with an architecture prepared to work on a motherboard. Within this functionality, there are many types of optimization and possibilities for improvement. Simplifying: that something is well done does not mean it can not be better.

The guys from Mars Gaming assure us that this new chipset improves the quality of the sound we hear and the quality of the microphone and how they hear us. In addition to this they have created a new software with improved drivers and drivers.

The ‘Unboxing’ and first impressions

Some details of the box we have already commented. Important to tell the measurements of the headset as well as its weight. 221 x 215 x 92 mm are its dimensions and 468g its volume. This makes it somewhat heavier than its previous version. Thinking about half a kilo on our head and pressing our temples and ears can sound uncomfortable if you have never used a headset, but the truth is that to have such a prominent volume is strangely light.

The pads of the upper structure (the adjustable arm or headband) are extremely comfortable. For professional players who spend hours using this kind of accessories or for non-professionals who spend long periods of time with them (MMORPG raiders or farmers, for example), they will not notice fatigue or pain in their ears due to the absence of discomfort.


Its design, once again and as is customary with the Mars Gaming brand, is clearly defined towards sports and the pursuit of spectacular, which almost always achieves.

Designed in hard plastic and covered with a layer of polystyrene to ensure protection, we have a more rigid headset than usual. But this is not uncomfortable, as we mentioned before, because the headband and earmuffs are covered with soft and comfortable synthetic leather.


  • Positional Sound Professional Gaming 7.2 with powerful control software.
  • Exclusive SENSUS sound technology specifically designed for gamers that offers an incredible audio-sensitive power-bass sound experience.
  • Two sound units on each side: a high quality 50mm speaker plus the SENSUS unit for a unique sound experience.
  • Impedance 32 Ohms.
  • Frequency range 15Hz ~ 20000Hz.
  • Spectacular red lighting effect.
  • Smart ergonomic design for long use.
  • Premium comfort pads in headphones and band.
  • Ultra-long microphone with advanced noise filtering system.
  • Rugged high quality mesh cable and control box.
  • Especially manufactured for pro-gamers with powerful and deep bass.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 10.

Testing them

The MH4 sounds good, so we start from a promising base. We also take into account that it is not a headset of 15 or 20 euros, but it already enters a mid-range price and therefore its quality will be good. But the question is, how good? And the answer is that there really is an improvement in the audio. In most headphones, the sound is usually classified as “nasal” because it does not offer the same definition as speakers of the same price. Have we noticed an improvement? Yes. That “nasal” touch is lost a little more and a more authentic definition is achieved. It is not a change so significant as to be a superior scale of quality, but of an improved version.

In the microphone we have not been able to appreciate a big difference, but the quality with which they listen to us will surprise many when you play online or perform video calls.


The external module is fully functional in addition to having a nice design, so we can make changes in the volume without having to go to your software or desktop, which is very appreciated in half of games and competitions.

Best of all, for us, it is that “vibration” that occurs with certain bass sounds. All a success that will create more immersion is certain games.


As we have indicated above, it has its own configuration software. We love that it comes with its physical version in addition to the one you can download from the manufacturer’s website. In this software we can configure several things, such as the type of acoustics we want. It is good to have the software downloaded although it is not essential, since as we have indicated, with its external module we can enjoy it.


The feeling is very positive. Mars Gaming is crowned in the mercano not for its quality, but for its quality / price. To this we add their designs and make us to extremely attractive products. In the case of the MH4v2 it is not only the ‘cool’ that you get when you wear it on your head or your comfort, but it really listens well and has a good microphone.

If we have taken this peripheral as something new or different and more expensive, the valuation that we would give would be very different. But the price it keeps with respect to the MH4 is almost identical and has respected its design. It is an improved version at the price that its predecessor had before, so we applaud the desire of Mars Gaming to offer updated and improved products over time.

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