Today we bring you something that will blow your mind. The best gaming PC in the market. We do not say it to say, it is reality. It is the largest range top you can imagine. They include processors that we have had exclusively before anyone else in Spain. We are talking about the most powerful PC Gamer on the market: PC Gamer Elite.

PC Gamer Elite

THE PC that you will not find anywhere else

As you are reading it. You can search throughout Spain, you will not find this PC or anything similar. Its box is exclusive and unique in our country, and there are hardly any similar models in Europe. NitroPC has been done with it. We also have the new processors from Intel and AMD, before anyone else and it’s getting noticed. There are already many customers who do not want to wait any longer and they are buying us the latest from Intel and Ryzen.

You will not find a design like this. The box is big, robust, solid and will make you the envy of whoever sees that you have something like that. A different design from the usual, futuristic, transgressive and that surpasses sports.

principal elite

Forget about the requirements

No more looking at the recommended requirements in the games. If you buy this equipment, we guarantee you can play everything for more than 10 years without problems. The first years you can play whatever you want, as you want and in the resolution you want. With this NitroPC you will know that everything a game can give of itself will give it. Even the worst-optimized games that many people can not enjoy because they do not meet their demands, this one can.

Elite i9 frontal

Interior and lighting

Such a beast can not only stand out from the outside, but also from the inside. As soon as you lower the lighting in your room, you will find a spectacular view. Neither very overloaded, nor scarce in LEDs. He does not sin of modest but neither of ostentatious. It has an aesthetic and visual balance as you have rarely seen on a PC Gaming. In addition, your motherboard, which we will talk about below, has its own customizable LED zones and the RGB Fusion structure with Light Show design.

We highlight the preciousness of illuminated RAM. It is a touch that we contribute and that is perfectly integrated into the design.

Its unparalleled hardware

There is not much to add and that has not already been said. Simply, it has the best of the best. The Intel processor for the most powerful gaming ever created. We are talking about the new Intel i9 7900X , with 20 virtual threads that work like physical cores. This is thanks to its HyperThreading technology in addition to having one of the highest existing frequencies (4.3Ghz in 2.0 and 4.5Ghz in 3.0).

The graphic power is the maximum possible. This NitroPC has in its interior an SLI bridge of two graphics cards GTX 1080Ti , which gives you a graphical capacity of 22GB of RAM. It will be more than 10 years before a game needs so much to function to the maximum. Its 64GB of RAM will make you forget space in memory. There are companies whose servers are maintained with this amount and even less memory. A NitroPC that can serve you both to play everything and to have your own online business. A team that will serve as Workstation.

Elite i9 laleral

The largest core for the largest NitroPC

The best pro gaming motherboard quality / market price. All the latest technology has it. We are talking about the X299 AORUS Gaming 7. Here we leave a link to its manufacturer with all the specifications:

As a sound card, it already has a Sound Blaster, and it has RGB Fusion technology . The highlight of this board would be all the complete and special support for the Intel processors. This includes a thermal protection system that helps prevent overheating. It also has the latest advances in protection against voltage spikes or sudden blackouts that could damage the board.

PC Gamer Elite

Perhaps its strong point for lovers of extreme and professional gaming, be the Killer 2 × 2 and the Killer Doubleshot, which grants lag reduction, optimizes the networking capabilities and the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth receivers. If you are going to play an online competition, you guarantee the best connection to the Internet, with or without Ethernet cable.

Connections, ports and extra capabilities

As in all of the above, it has the most cutting-edge technology. It has 12 USB ports that can multiply to become 30. Yes, as you are reading it, you can have more connections than you can ever fill. Speakers, four gaming controls for PC, mouse, keyboard, headphones, normal external hard drives and multimedia … Everything you can think of, and you can still get more.

How is this possible? It is when you have USB 3.1 Gen1 and Gen2 Type-A and Type-C connections. The “Gen1 connector” technology supports, in addition, extensions of up to 4 USB ports of the same characteristics. Do you know the multiport adapters? Well, unlike the old ones where the speed could be divided, you can have all the connections while maintaining a high transfer speed. If we connect an extension of 4 ports in each USB prepared for it, we would have 30 USB ports.

Elite i9 superior

It has Smart Fan 5, which consists of multiple temperature sensors and hybrid ventilation heads with FAN STOP system. You will always have the best ventilation and temperature in your NitroPC with this intelligent control system. Design resistant to sulfur, oxidation and highly resistant to moisture. In short, the greatest beast you can find.

Conclusions and video gameplay

Everything that is said about a NitroPC like this falls short. Although we can not expand too much because anything you imagine, this computer can do it. We do not need to explain how the games work or look at requirements. Nor say what things are possible or not, because everything is. If you can afford the PC Gamer Elite, do not even think about it. You will have the best PC Gaming that exists and you will continue to have one of the best during the next decade. An investment in which it is practically impossible that you stay outdated in any field.

We leave you with a gameplay of the new Star Wars Battlefront 2, in 4K resolution and 60 FPS. It must be mentioned that it is made with a single GTX 1080Ti graphics card. As soon as we can make a video with the SLI bridge, we’ll show it for sure. Watch the video and imagine how it would go with two graphics.

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