A new acquisition that promises to be the solution for many players. The call for all those who want to be able to play without disbursing a large amount of money. We speak, of course, of our PC Gamer Nitro Z.

A product expected by many

The latest generation of AMD is here to stay. As we have talked about in previous posts, Intel has reigned for decades in the processor sector. AMD was always relegated to the background and a face-to-face was inappropriate. The times that AMD has tried to compete as equals, has gone badly stopped, until now.

A few years ago, it revolutionized the gaming industry with its iGPU. They are graphics integrated into the processor and whose graphic memory is taken from the RAM modules. It is true that Intel also had it but AMD made the difference. The integrated graphics from Intel served to give basic graphic and video support. Playing with the Intel iGPU was unthinkable. AMD took out the gaming product at little cost that could move all the current games, and finally won a battle in this long war.

The gamers could see how with little budget you could access a good gaming experience. Of course, the iGPU must also be updated, and the acclaimed Athlon 10 and R7 have given way to the Ryzen and Vega.

PC Gamer Nitro Z: economic and powerful

You have already seen our review on the spectacular Nitro X. In it you can see how a low-cost PC moves the games in an incredible way. Here we leave the video again.

Seen this video, imagine having up to 30% more performance for 25 euros more. If the Nitro X works as well, imagine the PC Gamer Nitro Z (although you will have a video demonstration at the end of this entry).

The revolutionary processing structure of AMD that is worrying Intel, Ryzen, and Vega graphics technology that continues to improve and improve, have joined together to make the number 1 PC Gaming of the current market in quality / price / performance.

Unlike what other brands or companies can do, we do not sell cheap PCs whose components after examining them are already obsolete. The Nitro Z incorporates the latest generation Ryzen 3 2200G processor, which consists of 4 cores with two power types. It has its base operation, with energy savings and resource optimization, and the classic Turbo Boost system , which will put the team to its maximum performance when you need it.

PC Gamer Nitro Z

The processor is accompanied by the spectacular Vega graphic architecture. This makes a PC with an incredibly economical price have excellent performance. AMD has done the homework and has fulfilled the expectations in a splendid way. The customers who have already bought this NitroPC guarantee us, and are now playing the latest games on the market and the most popular ones.

Design and characteristics

Compact, sober and elegant design. You will not have the sensation of finding yourself before a cheap PC, because its aesthetic is of great quality. Upper ventilation grille for better heat removal. It has four front USB ports, 3 with connection 2.0 and one with 3.0 (and compatible with previous versions). It consists of two outputs for headphones and microphone and a safety RESET button.

PC Gamer Nitro Z

Foreshortened view of its top and front.  Back of PC Gamer Nitro Z.

On the back you will have two more USB 2.0 ports on the top and 4 connections 3.0. In this way we add 10 connections in total, which will never make you short on accessories and peripherals. Hybrid connection for classic keyboard or mouse and VGA, DVI and HDMI audio and video inputs. You can connect two simultaneous screens without any problem. 5.1 high definition sound and maximum speed Ethernet connection complete the repertoire.


A great opportunity to start in the world of gaming and low cost. And if you want to play the current games without many demands and enjoy them, too. A PC Gaming with options for improvements and that if you take advantage of it, it will have a great longevity and will be a great companion for your leisure time.


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