We already have our impressions for the beta of Destiny 2 , and now we do it with an already legendary franchise. We are talking about the Call of Duty: WWII, the shooter that everyone will soon be able to enjoy.

The great franchise

We can almost say that it is “LA” franchise. At least as far as the shooter genre is concerned. Discounting Nintendo’s classic and timeless titles like Mario or The Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty is really long-lived.

It is inevitable to feel old when you think of the year 2003, playing the first title of this franchise, and crawling through the mud covering you with the corpses of the cows that fell collapsed before the machine guns posted by the Germans. Or that moment in the red square in Moscow, where you held only one ammo cartridge and the AI ​​was the one with the weapon and you had to bait for the snipers and dodge all the bullets that were raining down on you. It will sound typical but: “that were good times”. The times of the epic campaigns. Times of mime and affection and interest to make a great game as well as a big box, and not only the second.

Fourteen deliveries we’ve seen already. This new title is going to be the fifth set in the second world war.

Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII, the return to its origins

It is inevitable that it sounds bad, but it is the truth. Sometimes there is no better innovation than returning to your origins. Or if you do not return to yours, at least emulate those who once were great. You have to remember, although some seem to annoy you, that Call of Duty was inspired, born and developed drinking from the lessons seen and learned from Medal of Honor. Curiosities of the life that soon was relegated to the oblivion by the success of its “apprentice”.

So, we have found a beta that seems to want to pull the past. We do not know if by nostalgia, lack of ideas or to compete with Battlefield 1. The fact is that they have left behind, at least for now, the futuristic games to return to the clasicazo.

Call of Duty: WWII

Impressions of the beta

We liked it halfway. Better summary than three words could not exist. But since I have spread like the grandfather battles that the military did in Ceuta with the prologue, let’s go deeper into what we have seen.

Scenarios / Maps

It is noted that some of the original members continue in the franchise, because the scenarios have transported us back to the original titles. Yes and as a personal note, I found everything too “colorful”. Whether for the worst resolutions of yesteryear or whatever, the atmosphere was much better. More gray, more decadent and much sadder. In fact, this is what war looks like in real life. This game looks too colorful and still walking among ruins, does not convey what it should be. A rather superficial feeling.

If you still have not played the first installments, do it, and you’ll know what I mean.

Call of Duty beta: WWII on PC


Perhaps the best of recent years in this regard. Previous deliveries have been extremely clumsy in this section. It seems that not only have they returned to their origins because of their history, but also the way they play. It’s simpler but much more practical, as it should always be. The handling is intuitive and pleasant and everything is fluid.

The worst is undoubtedly his respawn . It is true that they have finally achieved what most lovers of this sector and genre wanted: to die and reappear instantly. Nothing to wait for countdown, the end of the game or the game decides to get you. Why do we say it is bad? Because the games we played became nonsense. We did not see any sense of strategy, no moderation when playing, the least care. If there is no real penalty for dying, it becomes a joke. We were two brainless groups throwing us head   to conflict zones again and again. In the end it becomes repetitive, because you kill and die so fast that, at least to a server, it bores just as quickly as it does with ‘respawneas’.

If we add evidence marked by many media abusive cheats that embitter the experience in many games, you end up feeling somewhat disappointed and with the feeling of “with what could be, and is not.”

Variety of elements

In this he approves with quite a note. We have several factions, numerous weapons and various clothing items. To be a beta it must be said that it is very complete in that aspect. We are already looking forward to seeing the full game to see how many total items we are going to find, not counting DLC ​​insurance.

As in the first titles of the franchise you could play with the Americans, the British and the Soviets, we want to be able to do it in the same way, so that the quantity of weapons multiplies as well as the scenarios that will be based on real locations and historical situations .

Call of Duty: WWII


Seeing how they came out the last Call of Duty for PC and even more their betas, we must applaud the work they have done. The optimization is the best in years, and that is a beta. The enormous amount of graphic configuration that it has will make the minimum requirements very low. We hope that in later patches and updates do not load the good performance achieved, because it would be a real shame.


A very good beta despite its drawbacks. At least in this title we do see dedication and desire to do well. Yes, we miss seeing a campaign mode even if it’s initial. With Destiny 2 we had history and some multiplayer, which we could not have here. One thing you can have sure, and that is that we will throw more games and record more gameplays like the one we leave you next.

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