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You will not need to hack or download anything from dangerous and harmful places. Neither do you have to play with doubtful pages whose lack of confidence causes you reluctance when buying. It is normal to have that fear at the beginning of online shopping. More so when, on pages like eBay or similar, you can have very unpleasant experiences. Other more serious, like Amazon, have prices equal to those of ‘El Corte Inglés’ in your city.

So? If secure pages are the same as physical ones in price, why buy in digital? Whenever you see pages of cheap or free games are they going to be scams? Do not worry, because you can be calm. Yes, there are reliable pages with affordable prices and we are going to bring them to you now.

The best pages to buy cheap games

Without further textual extension, here we leave you with the best platforms to buy cheap games this 2018.

Humble Bundle

With the best offers in pack that exist throughout the Internet. His own name already indicates, Humble Bundle (modest set) will delight gamers. Although their usual prices and offers in games are similar to those of the rest, the Humble Bundle overwhelm everyone. Right now there is a Bundle of the ARMA saga, where for 17 euros you can have 3 deliveries with all the expansions. We talked about more than 100 euros in products, put by 17. Other great editions have gone out as packs of Assassins Creed price, sagas as Resident Evil, complete franchises as Tomb Raider or Borderlands, and much more, were for ridiculous prices (8 -13 euros).

humble bundle molon

These offers have a duration of 10 to 14 days and appear one or two a month. It also has a subscription plan very similar to Sony’s famous PSPlus. For about 10 euros a month, they fill you with games until you say enough.

It is not the only advantage that this website has, since it also gives free games. To know more, we will comment later.

Instant Gaming

It is the best page to buy cheap games that currently exists. Instant Gaming has exceptional, fast and professional support like none in its sector. It is 100% Spanish and its system of booking new games is amazing. In the case of Assassins Creed Origins , for example, we could reserve the game before its departure for 35 euros, when in other places it cost 60 euros of rigor. We find games with up to 97% discount. Some prices are absurdly cheap and hard to believe, but they are.

yeah IG

So good is its quality, price and service, that we recommend them on our website and we have them as the best online distributors that exist today.

G2A and GOG

We put these two last because they are not so cheap and the support is much worse. They are not illegal pages, nor insecure nor will you cheat, but it is advisable to have them as a last option. It is good to visit them from time to time to see their exclusive offers. Right now, in GOG , for example, is The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition for 1 euro … 1 euro! That has to be taken advantage of, yes or yes. In addition, G2A usually makes collaborations with youtubers and streamers. What does this mean? Well, through these ‘influencers’ you can access promotions, offers and special raffles.

Juegos baratos G2A VS GOG

Where to get free games?

There are multiple ways to fill your library of games for free. You just have to have interest and know how to search in the right places. Of course, not every day you will have gift games. In the Humble Bundle, for example, they usually give away 2 games a month on average for those who are registered on their website. They have given very good games, such as the Homefront Revolution, the classic Abe’s Oddisey or The Darkness II. We recommend that you do accounts on all digital video game platforms. Once you have your Steam, Origin and Uplay accounts , you just have to wait for them to come.

juegos baratos para PC

For example, a few months ago it was the anniversary of Ubisoft and gave away 7 leading games. He recently gave away 3 well-known games, such as Watch Dogs. On Steam you can find free games almost every week. They also have free weekend downloads to play without limits. Some games are not extensive and, if you get good and have time, you can finish them in those two days. In Origin, the EA platform, you can also enjoy free games. Unlike the previous ones, Origin does not warn about the free games that it releases. You have to connect and see them for yourself in the “Invite the house” section. He has released great gifts, such as The Sims 2 with all the expansions and packs, the wonderful Dragon Age: Origins or the frantic Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Playing on PC is not expensive

In fact, it is the cheapest platform of all. While a PC Gaming is a bigger initial investment than buying a console, then with the prices of the games it is quickly amortized. Games that in console do not fall from 20 or 30 euros despite the years, in PC you find them for 10 euros, 5 … or less.

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