Indeed, here you have an extensive news with information about the new expansion of the veteran Blizzard title. There are many NitroPCeros who are asking us about this for a few weeks. We are also receiving new members in the community who are looking for a team that lives up to the new adventure. Here you will find everything you need to fully enjoy World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. And the entire review completed and updated in our new entry on the expansion.

The most anticipated expansion

The launch is already around the corner, the hype through the clouds and the growing desire. To reserve or pre-purchase the expansion, just follow this link that we leave you and you will have direct access. The countdown is already set, within 34 days, on August 14, we can all immerse ourselves in the new and awaited LORE. While the latest expansions have been within expectations, it promises to exceed them.

What’s new in World of Warcraft

The new content promises “real” or unique hours (not counting the farmeo and the repeated raids) of exploration for the new lands. You have two new continents, Kul Tiras and Zandalar, which will delight players who have characters on both sides. Kul Tiras looks beautiful and with some spectacular creatures. Zandalar, on the other hand, boasts incredible macro structures and gigantic buildings.

We will also have the new islands, areas of land to assault and loot. These incursions, brought for the first time to the game, assure us plenty of fun. The fight on the islands and the rewards are undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions in this expansion. Here we leave you with the official video presentation and comments. It is in English but as Blizzard Spain brings it to us, you can activate the subtitles in the video.


In addition to all new locations and creatures, the available breeds also expand significantly. On the side of the alliance, we will have the draenei forged by light and the elves of the void. In the horde, the factions of the Tauren of Monte Alto and the Nocheterna will be added. But they will not be races that appear in our selection menu without more. We will have to meet a couple of objectives in order to unlock them and enjoy them. All the information you have here.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

In that same link you will know the Black Iron Dwarves and the Mag’Har Orcs. Both will also join the LORE and we can discover more about its history and past.

New style, positive evolution

It’s not just the new races, the added lands and the expanded content that Blizzard brings us. Again and as we saw a little in ‘Cataclysm’ and much more in Legion, the graphic aspect and the textures are improved. So much so, that in some models the style changes almost completely. The evolution is notorious and we also believe that positive, although you can judge for yourselves. Here is an explanatory video that, although in English, graphically teaches the before and after.

Logically, if the graphics improve and the content expands, the requirements also increase. This means that more powerful computers will be needed to be able to move the game efficiently. In the last expansion, many players came to us after the departure of Legion to acquire a new team, since the one they had was no longer enough. That’s why, this time, we want to prevent and make sure you have the best PC before the expansion goes.

The perfect PC Gaming to play WoW: BfA

Some have put their hands to their heads when they have seen that the required requirements have risen again. The official page of Blizzard has exposed the requirements, which we leave here. It can be verified that the requirements amount with respect to Legion. If you think it is time to update your PC Gaming and give the new expansion, you are in the right place.

The truth is that to play exceeding the minimum requirements with some ease, we have the ideal NitroPC. It is PC Gamer Nitro Z, which does not reach 500 euros and will give you good results. For just 15 euros more, you can also buy the PC Gamer Nitro RX. With these first two models you will have a more than acceptable performance. If you do not have such a tight budget and can afford something more powerful and that exceeds the recommended requirements, the ideal choice is our PC Gamer X Ryzen. And if you want to play with great qualities and go over 100 FPS without getting messy, our PC MSI Gamer X2 is the perfect choice. Also with this NitroPC is the promotion of 2 gift games, one of them the Assassins Creed Origins.

As you can see, none of the PCs exceeds 1,000 euros and all offer great returns. It is not necessary to spend too much and you will ensure that the next expansions can also be played. ‘Raidea’ with the best, ‘farmea’ for hours and fight to have the best ‘tier’ that exists in the game.


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