In this case we will explain what types and subtypes of keyboards exist. We will also tell you which one is best for each case and which ones will cover your needs. All the information you have always searched for about this, you have it right here. Keep reading and find out everything.

Keyboards for all tastes

It may sound funny, but the keyboards have gained a lot in complexity. Formerly it did not matter what you used it for, the keyboard was always the same. From a time to this part, and above all because of electronic sports and the existence of videogame professionals, a new need has been generated. Not only was the development of mechanical keyboards, but they were divided into subtypes.

Then we will see them all, starting with the classics and ending with the latest technologies.

Membrane keyboards

Also called “those of a lifetime”. They are the most economical and in some cases they give very, very good results. The main difference with the keyboards that we will see next resides in the form of the pulsation of the key. In this way we find several types: thick key to “typewriter” mode, medium height key, and ultra-fine key.

For everyday and generic use, membrane keyboards are the perfect choice. Even for gaming, in games where you do not need extreme precision or that are not competitive, they will also serve you without problems. Its strong point lies in its longevity. These keyboards last longer because they have a longer life in pulsations.

Hybrid keyboards

Hybrid keyboards are those that mix the technology of the other two types of keyboard. They fuse the best of the membrane and the best of the mechanical keyboards to perform very well. There are not many hybrid keyboards on the market because they are not very popular. The advantage they have over mechanics is that they are cheaper, and the disadvantage is that the pulsation is not what those who like mechanical keyboards look for.

If you go from a membrane to a hybrid, you will notice improvement. As for a person with a mechanical keyboard, having a hybrid is a step back.

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In any case they are good, robust keyboards with a useful life that normally exceeds the mechanics. This is because they have the longevity of pulsations that can only reach the membrane. It is perfect if you can not afford what a professional mechanical keyboard costs, but it does have a keyboard for gaming.

Mechanical keyboards

Let’s summarize it quickly and easily. The mechanical keyboards are those that use springs and individual switches. That is, the keys are completely separated individually. This system makes the keys much more sensitive when issuing the pulse signal or, on the contrary, more restrictive to avoid pulsations by mistake.

Recommended keyboards

For example, imagine playing an MMORPG (World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, etc.). If you have the magic and commands on the numeric keypad, you will not want to activate skill number 3 by mistake just by having a little finger over it. This can happen if the keyboard has a very sensitive response or you are not used to it. On the other hand, if you are a typist or your work is to write or write a lot and you need maximum speed, an extra quick and simple click will be great.

That’s why, as we mentioned at the beginning, the keyboards are now very complex. We will try not to extend much in this entry as we did with the monitors. So, let’s see the different types of switches and for what games or jobs are used.

What is a ‘Switch?

First of all, clarify that the switch is not just “the key”. Switch comes from English and its translation is a switch. In practice, a switch is a capsule that contains a trigger and a metal spring inside. This gives a precision like never before when typing. With this new technology, the pulsations can be totally different depending on the switch that is.

It is important to know that in a mechanical key there are several data to be taken into account. These are.

  • The type of mechanism. It can be linear, tactile or ‘clicky’, among others.
  • Sonority. The noise we make when pressing each key. Depends on our tastes, we can choose one or the other, since there are from silent to very noisy.
  • Force of action. Depending on the keyboard and the manufacturer, it can range from 45G to 90G. The unit of measure G is, in summary, the force of impact necessary (with the finger) to perform the pulsation. More simply, how “hard” the key is.
  • Action point. Once the key is pressed, the depth traveled until the keyboard sends the signal of the pulsation. It is usually 2 or 3 mm.
  • Travel distance. It is the total depth realized in the pulsation. It is usually 4 or 5 mm.

Types of ‘Switch’

The companies have invested a lot in R & D to perfect the triggers and springs. Next we will see the types that exist and in what uses are more indicated. We will see the main or best known (not the best), and we will leave aside the black and green switches, as well as other variants.

Red switch:

It is the type of keyboard most used by gamers. This is also due, in part, to the fact that they are the best known and the ones that are most commercialized. This is because they are the most versatile mechanical keyboards. They serve for all types of games, without exception. For competitive online shooter professionals, such as Call of Duty, CSGO, Overwatch or Battlefield, you will find that the best black switches are. But these are not the best to start and in fact, are not recommended.

Recommended keyboards

Of the mechanical keyboards, it is perhaps the perfect one to get started, since other switches, like black, are harder.

Blue switch:

While the previous two have a linear mechanism system, this is of the ‘clicky’ type . They are called that for two main reasons. The first is because they are the noisiest switch of all, and that sound comes from its characteristic name. Also, because its pulsation is similar to that of membrane keyboards. The action point is lower than the release point, that is, they are the least “hard”.

What does this mean? Which are a hyper-enhanced version of the classic membrane keyboards. They are equally comfortable and do not tire the fingers after several hours of use. In addition, they are the fastest keyboards that exist. This makes them the ideal keyboards for all MOBA and MMORPG. League of Legends, DOTA 2, Heroes of the Storm, Black Desert, Devil, World of Warcraft … None will resist you with a blue switch mechanical keyboard.

Brown switch:

The favorites of typists. Perfect for writing and very, very silent. It also serves for all kinds of games, although this is a balanced keyboard in all areas. It is not really specialized in anything, and that makes it good for general use. Just as a black switch is uncomfortable to write, with the brown swith you will not have that problem.

Switch Marron

Another advantage is that they have a “warn” when typing that lets you know when the contact has been released. This means that for large writing sessions (jobs, chats, essays, etc.), maximize and improve your writing performance.

Special keyboards

These keyboards are not of any previous type. Some are very used and others, enormously unknown. We have tactile keyboards (yes, like those that are deployed when you use WhatsApp). They are very expensive, resistant to liquids and very, very futuristic.

Recommended keyboards

We also find ultra-thin rubber and / or silicone keyboards. These keyboards are also resistant to liquids, but they go further. They are roll-up, very easily transportable and almost invulnerable to falls or impacts. Of course, they are also very expensive.


Stay with the one you like the most, or the one that best suits your needs and budget. In the end the taste of each one is different. Be that as it may, we currently have a wide range of possibilities. The catalog is wide and unlike a few years ago, now we will find exactly what we were looking for.

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