We want to show you all the changes and improvements we have made in our catalog. For this, we have chosen two of the PCs that are selling the most lately. And it is no wonder, as more and more people realize that Gamer Neo PCs are, perhaps, the most balanced computers that exist today.

Why do we say that it is versatile and balanced?

When you acquire a computer, you do it knowing what you want it for and what you will use it for. Depending on this, you choose the one that best suits your needs. If it is not for playing and is for domestic and simple use, you have the range of desktop. Do you have an office and need computers ready for it? What if you are a creator, designer or composer? The new Workstation , are yours. But, what if I tell you that PC Gamer Neo is trained for all those functions? Let’s see why.

pc gamer neo

Main characteristics

The PC Gamer Neo is a powerful computer prepared for the extreme game. It incorporates an Intel Core i7 8700k processor, one of the most powerful on the market. Its twelve threads of simultaneous processing make it also valid for audio and video processing and rendering . As for the Ryzen model, it incorporates a next-generation beast, the R7 2700. It has 16 processing threads at more than 4 GHz frequency. It is the ideal processor for the most demanding streamers, editors and creators . In 3D design and programming you can also work without any kind of problem thanks to its Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 8GB DDR5 graphics card .

As for your Ryzen version, we’ll talk about it in another moment, but from now on we tell you that it is a considerable beast and that you will verify that it has nothing to envy to the Intel model. This PC moves any game on the market in FULL HD, ULTRA graphic quality and can maintain more than 60 FPS with total stability. You can even with 4K in current games ( Battlefield 1, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Overwatch, Doom, Dark Souls 3, Fallout 4, Resident Evil 7, among others).

And to top off all the capabilities of this NitroPC, we can also say that it is prepared and is 100% compatible with high-end virtual reality (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive).

Performance examples

In web page you can see this list with popular and current games and know the performance of these computers. Even so below you will see live how this PC works.

– Call of Duty WWII: Full HD 1080p: Extra graphic quality (Ultra): +120 FPS, 4K 60 FPS.
– Star Wars Battlefront 2: FULL HD 1080p: ULTRA quality: 110 FPS, 2K +70 FPS, 4K +40 FPS.
– Assassin’s Creed Origins: Full HD 1080p: ULTRA quality: +70 FPS.
– Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds: FULLHD 1080p: ULTRA quality +70 FPS, 2K +50 FPS, 4K +30 FPS.
– Battlefield 1: Full HD 1080p, Ultra quality: 120 FPS / 2K (1440p) Ultra: 70 FPS / 4K (2160p) High: 60 FPS.
– Fallout 4: Full HD 1080p: Ultra FXAA quality: 120 FPS.
– Total War Warhammer 2: Full HD 1080p (regulating the size of maps and armies): 75 FPS.
– Destiny 2: FULL HD 1080p: ULTRA quality: +120 FPS, 2K 60 FPS, 4K +40 FPS.
– Wolfenstein II: Full HD 1080p: Ultra quality: +100 FPS.
– Overwatch: Full HD 1080p: Epic 16X quality: 160 FPS.
– The Division: Full HD 1080p: Ultra quality: +70 FPS.
– The Witcher 3: Full HD 1080p: Ultra quality: 65 FPS.
– Doom: Full HD 1080p: Ultra quality: 120 FPS.

Configure and optimize your games

As always, the games that have been tested by us. They have been played in the mentioned qualities providing at least the marked results. You may experience results greater than those seen here. In some titles, harmful filters have been eliminated that disproportionately lower them. Among them, are Vsync and Motion Blur. Remember that it is important to properly balance the resolution bars to have the best quality and performance at the same time.

These are just some examples with the games that are currently most demanded. Other open world games such as MAFIA III or GTA V will also be able to move them to the maximum and with at least 60 stable FPS. No doubt buying the PC Gamer Neo guarantees you to enjoy the most current games for a good time.

Connections and ports

It has more than 50 connections and ports between its front, rear and internal. Of these nine are USB ports, with which you will never be short of connections. But if you are traditional you also have PS connections for the keyboard and the mouse. To connect to monitors or televisions you will have both an HDMI and DVI input and Display port, so you can enjoy it on any type of screen or even install three simultaneous monitors. In short, a computer that we always recommend for being a TOP in quality, price, balance and many other aspects.

PC Gamer Neo

Get to know it thoroughly

These PCs can only be found in our catalog, by entering our website. There you will not only see all your specific technical data, but you will also be able to see its multiple configuration options. We highlight our new RING lighting system, which you can see here. You can also put a dynamic LED device, which you can configure to your liking with a control adapted to it.
Here below you can see their system FULL LEDs in video, demonstrating once again that what we say, we fulfill.
If you need assistance for any questions you can use our live chat or call us at 976 978 626 and we will attend you personally.

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